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mindfulness wakefulness buddies lol


How are things going for you @BigEm san ?


You’re so very nice, checking up on me :blush:

Things are going okay. Review wise I’m aaaaaaalmost out of being drowned in them (it’s taking longer than I thought it would). I’ve been doing a lot of rewatching my favorite shows without subtitles, and I think I’m making good progress there. No strict study plan yet, though!

Work/life wise things are also going okay. Cases in Hokkaido have spiked to an all-time high so I think my schools are about to go into lockdown again, but spring is finally here so it’s hard to be negative when it’s so blissfully warm outside! I’ve also been able to do some gardening, which has always been a stress-relief activity for me. I moved into a new house a few weeks ago too, and it’s SO much nicer, so I’m enjoying that. My new neighbors are also wonderful, which was a relief.

How’re things with you?


It is my pleasure BigEm san :slight_smile:

That’s good to hear. It is better to do them gradually than to do them all at once, since they are bound to come back later in the same pattern. Which shows are you watching?

Stay safe BigEm san. Do you grow vegetables or flower plants?

That’s great news. I thought all JET folks HAD to stay at the housing provided by the contractor (I could be wrong). Good neighbors are a great stress relief.

Things have been hectic in the last one month. Finally things are easing up a little :crossed_fingers: Going good :slight_smile: I don’t have to wear a jacket since the weather is warmer so that helps too :grin:


Mainly the first season of Haikyuu, some Run with the Wind, and One Piece (I had to table rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - alchemy and military terms are harrrrrrrd).

A mixture of both! But I do prefer growing vegetables because then there’s stuff to eat at the end :joy: I have tomatoes, pumpkins, and zucchini currently planted, and some sweet peas and some sort of aster in pots.

Yep, that’s true for the vast majority of us! The house I was in before had been the ALT house for over 30 years so it was in pretty bad shape - leaky roof, bad tatami mats, stuff like that. Basically, I just complained a bunch and asked for repairs and it was cheaper all around to move me into a different house within the government housing block. In a weird twist, the new(er) house is directly behind the old house, and my address doesn’t actually change. Gotta love Japanese address systems :joy:

That’s great to hear! I’m glad things are getting better! :blush:


All are excellent shows :smile:

Mo Ippo Naisu :slight_smile: (I always say it in Daichi’s voice in my head)

Hahaha. That’s cool :slight_smile: Eating food grown by yourself is a great experience :smiley:

Hahaha action gets results :slight_smile:

Hopefully some more folks follow your path and they improve conditions for everyone.

Lol, that’s awesome. That reminds me that I haven’t changed my address yet :rofl: Thanks for the reminder Big Em san :stuck_out_tongue:

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130 days and too many reviews to count later, I’m finally back at a spot where I have WK under control again, and all those new lesson items added to before level 50 are all done too (at least until more are added this Thursday). Let the leveling up commence! (resume?)

Now that I’m not drowning in reviews, I have a bit more time to focus on some other studying. I’m currently working through an online TEFL certification (just so I can at least some training in how to teach my kids here, I’m not really planning on using it otherwise), so I’m doing a good amount of that every week. I’m also considering re-starting JLPT studying - I’m not even sure if the test in December will even happen, and I don’t know if I want to stress myself out just to lose the money for it AGAIN. Hmmmm.

I also got convinced/drafted to be part of the teacher team of the middle school’s Sports Day relay race, so uh yeah some training needs to be done for that. At least summer has finally arrived to 北海道北部, so running in the morning is no longer a trial in enduring icy rain!

But here’s a restart of my study log! Time to get back into that groove! I’m going to start off with it being weekly instead of biweekly like I had before, but I’ll probably switch it back later.

:spiral_calendar: Study period: June 7 through June 13 :spiral_calendar:

Zero out WK reviews every day
Read (at least) one chapter of ハイキュー

:owl: Non-Japanese goals :owl:
Go on a run/do core work


:tea: Review of previous study period, a bit late (June 7 through June 13) :tea:

WK reviews / ハイキュー chapter

Didn’t get to the ハイキュー chapter this past week, mainly because I suddenly got another class dumped in my lap and I’ve been めっちゃ忙しい for a while. But hey, my WK reviews are going well! Which, as everyone knows, is always the priority :joy: I should be finally leveling up this week, and I plan to do the levels each in about a week from there (even though they’re fast levels, I’m going to focus on keeping my review count low-ish). This week will be another more relaxed study plan.

In other news, basic training for the Sports Day relay is going well, I’m really looking forward to it! It’ll be the first social event I’ve had in a long while, even if it’s only with all the people I see every day anyway :sweat_smile:

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! :blush:

:spiral_calendar: Study period: June 14 through June 20 :spiral_calendar:

Level up to 51!
Read (at least) one chapter of ハイキュー

:owl: Non-Japanese goals :owl:

Go on a run/do core work