Better progress summary after session

After a long session I would realy appreciate some information about how many items I have moved from one level to another. At the moment, you would have to memorize or write down the numbers on the dashboard to compare them befoe and after a session. And even then movements within the apprentice levels remain invisible.
The whole thing feelis a bit like Sisyphus rolling up his stone, getting no feedback on shortterm progress.
Personally, I am not interested in which each exact item moved to where (I do not even read the existing summary page, stating the correctly or incorrectly answered items). But the number of items that have just been moved between SRS levels would, for me, be a highly motivational feedback, I think.

I apologize if that has been already brought up, could not find anything by a search.


Doesn’t the review summary page already show that?

It is unclear to what level of Apprentice or Guru they’re being promoted / demoted, though.

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I take a dashboard screenshot before and after each review session.

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I do that too, occasionally. The user should not have to use such workarounds imho, that is something the software should provide.


Do you want to know, for example, how many items went specifically from Apprentice 4 to Guru 1, Enlightened to Guru 2, etc.? Or just total number leveled up and total number leveled down?

A detailed breakdown would be nice. You do get the level change information after a right answer (not for the apprentice levels and not for level down, I believe). I’d just like to have a total of these level changes at the end of each session for purely psychological reasons.

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