Best place to learn grammar, speak japanese and find people to converse with in 2022?

Hi, am fairly new to Japanese, but I am studying earnestly since I really want to immigrate to Japan in a few years once I finish my Bachelors. I am working on kanji and vocab with WaniKani, but I could REALLY use some good teaching materials/videos on learning Japanese grammar as well as learning how to speak Japanese. Preferably with other people.

Could someone please give me some good resources for learning Japanese grammar as well as learning how to speak Japanese, and also some resources to find people to speak Japanese with? Worst case scenario, I may start trying to find private tutors if I don’t have any luck with resources for self-study

Thanks in advance,

  • Kai

Good luck on your journey.

The (admittedly creepy) Cure Dolly videos and the Tae Kim guide are very good resources for beginners. There are a wealth of resources online. I’ve never learned more than the basics, though.

Private tutors are excellent if you can find one you like. Looking for Japanese expats who would like to practice speaking/learning English in exchange for speaking/teaching Japanese is also a time-honored tradition. There are more expats than professional instructors, too.

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I’ve had a lot of luck with this website:

You find natives who want to practice english and then video chat and take turns speaking in each others’ languages. The people I met were very kind, and it was really easy to find language partners.

Best of luck!


Thank you I appreciate it. I checked Cure Dolly. It’s sad that the original person died sadly that is why it had to be closed. Tae Kim is also nice. Along with Tofugu. I’ll try to keep an eye out more

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Ah, interesting…so it’s kind of like Hello-Talk. I see I see. I will have a look at that when I have some more time and more money to afford. Thank you

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