Best grammar resources online (for travel)

Heya, I know textbooks can be great for grammar, however I am on the move an wondered if anyone has suggestions about online grammar learning sources, that I can then reinforce using my Bunpro subscription!!

thanks guys!

Personally, I’m using Cure Dolly’s grammar videos on YouTube


Cure Dolly’s content is great but the cringe factor is pretty significant. I also recommend her content highly, though. I’m sad that she’s passed.

Not online, but …

For a refreshingly normal take on the underlying ideas, I highly recommend Jay Rubin’s “Making Sense of Japanese”.

It’s not a dry, encyclopedic reference book, nor a textbook. It’s a much more conversational approach to understanding how Japanese grammar works.

For an online resource, the Tofugu articles are outstanding and under appreciated: The Japanese Grammar Index


I think that is very good.


I think Japanese Ammo with Misa (YouTube) is really really good. Actually SHE is really good and is also native Japanese :blush:.

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