Best DS games for reading/listening comprehension?

I’m thinking about getting a DS and was wondering what games are best for reading and possibly listening comprehension? (Though maybe portable games aren’t heavy on voice acting.) DS’ game library is huge, so what would be the best games in terms of long story and lots of vocabulary?


i’m interested too.
I’d imagine it would be something like Phoenix Wright games and Animal Crossing.
I wonder if in the beginning with things like RPGs you learn too much medieval vocabulary like breastplate and so on.

I’ve only got three games in Japanese so far: a Kanji study game, an obscure farming game, and Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings. Not daring to start that one yet ^^

Btw, i imagine looking up unknown kanji from the DS is a bit of a hassle, because you probably have to draw it. But if you know a decent amount, you’ll probably mostly look up vocabulary using kanji you know.

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Revenant Wings is actually what I was thinking about too. Though I’ll probably buy FF Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, since I liked The War of the Lions so much. :smiley:

So far I’ve played Final Fantasy X, the first Ace Attorney game and Persona 5 in Japanese, so I’m looking for something challenging.

In a few days, I’ll be finishing the second Ace Attorney game I’ve played in Japanese. Can hugely recommend them!

Especially if you’re N3-ish in grammar, and given your WK level, they become quite easy fare to read.

Never mind. :laughing:

Edit numero 2: I did find the spin-off game 逆転検事2 more challenging than 逆転裁判1。


Wow, impressive! Seems like you know your medieval equipment and sorcery vocabulary already then :wink:


I got 二ノ国 for the DS, mostly because it’s never getting an English release. The book that comes with it is real pretty (and is the reason it’s never getting an English release). Actually, I probably should finish playing it sometime…


I have that one too! I got frustrated though because I was having to look up so many words…

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Yeah, the first Ace Attorney felt right at my level. Still challenging but not overwhelming. :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, no actually. :laughing: I’m too impatient and just want to progress in the story, so all that kind of vocabulary gets dismissed as “some kind of sword”, “some kind of shield”, etc. But these games have been incredibly helpful regarding longer sentences and conversations between characters.

Just gotta sit down and study the medieval equipment someday too. :smirk:


Pokemon might be a good game to get in Japanese. I recently got Y, and there’s an option to use both kana and Kanji or simply just kana when you start playing it. Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond only uses kana, and the kanji for 円, so it might be good for N5-4 level people. :thinking:
I also tried playing Rune Factory 2 in Japanese, and lemme tell ya… that one has a whole lotta kanji. xD

To be honest I actually find kana-only text MORE difficult to read than kana+kanji, even now with my very limited knowledge of kanji. But I agree that Pokemon games are a good choice. No voice obviously, but loads of writing that’s designed to be understood by kids.


Definitely agree that kanji is the way to go with Pokemon. I also like that a lot of the text is repeated (A wild Pokemon appeared!, Pokemon was caught, all the Pokemon Center dialogue, etc.) so it’s easy to learn the kanji that you don’t know.

I totally agree with you there on the kana-only text being more difficult to read. I also have trouble understanding romaji these days. :laughing:

Haha, yeah, hiragana-only text is more difficult to understand than normal text that has kanji in it. :joy: It’s much slower reading and needs more effort. I guess WK has been really useful!

It doesn’t matter if the text has new kanji, it can just be skipped and anyway it will be useful when learning it later.

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