Benefits of a full reset

The last few weeks ive been struggling to retain information on wanikani. Im only level 6 and its been slightly frustrating. Even when old vocabs or kanji show up I get it wrong and then am mad for not remembering ones I should know by now. I feel like im always putting the wrong pronunciation because I cant remember if its on yomi or kun yomi. Would a full reset help me to refresh on those old ones? What am I doing wrong?


It’s normal to get items wrong. That’s just your brain saying you need more reviews, which you get from WaniKani without resetting. If you really want more reviews, try the Self Study script before resetting.


Thanks. Ill keep at it. I just dont know how to do a better job distinguishing between on’ and kun’ pronunciations.

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I am beginning to encounter this problem…

It starts to be a little demoralizing. Especially so early in the wanikani process. But I am just pushing through hoping for it to click. Also trying to expose myself to a lot more than just wanikani memorizations. Good luck to you slooshy. Keep at it.

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I used to read the tips given during the lessons but after a while, I found it helpful to ignore the comment about on vs kun. Having one less thing to recall makes the process easier,
e.g. 休学 is just きゅうがく to me. Is it on or kun? I don’t know. Does it matter? Only on a test I suppose.


I guess that makes sense. I am always trying to pay attention to that but it never really helps me distinguish which reading it should be. I know theres a reason and pattern to whether its on or kun but knowing that doesnt help much.
Especially when japanese has so many “exceptions” anyways.


I did a full reset from Level 7 recently. I had gone like 7 months without keeping up with the reviews and the pile was just about 800 at the time. I cleared it all out over the summer but then I let it go again. I’m focusing on this time just doing all the reviews everyday and 10 lessons everyday. I’m in no rush to get to level 60 so this is something I can keep myself to.

My advise is to not worry too much about how often you’re getting things wrong, but to put in the proper amount of effort and continue the journey no matter the pace. Just don’t stop. If you have to reset because the volume of reviews becomes too much, it’s not a big deal, just an opportunity to practice even more.


BTW I would not reset… keep at it but change your tactics a bit. Soon, you will get into a groove and the repetition will make the readings pop into your head naturally. It’s the pesky leeches that require extra effort and drilling.


Oh God this happens to me all the time but like seanblue said it’s normal and you’ll remember everything eventually. I’d say you should put a little extra effort on items you keep getting wrong, it’s what I do.

This happened to me in the beginning too but eventually I started to naturally realize which is which and now I don’t really have to think about it. So don’t worry, you’ll get to a point where you don’t have to worry about this.


don’t worry too much about on or kun. keep it up, find your pace and you will make progress.

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I was lv 4 and my reviews weren’t that good either, but I keed doing them and they started to improve, for that self-study script did help a lot, then I left Wanikani for a while waiting to be able to buy the subscription and got more than 300 reviews so I just reset and now that I know a bit more about Wanikani I feel like I’m doing a much better job, I do pay attention when it says ony or kun, but I also keep in my mind that not always in a kanji is going to appear a ony or kun reading.

I reset to lv 2, because the start is kinda slow, till now I haven’t required to use self-study, it sure it’s going to come at hand when I pass lv 4.
So maybe try self-study for a couple of weeks and if you see the pain is still too much to handle just reset to a lv you think is going to work for you.

I should mention that my method to abord the lessons have changed a little so it may be a factor too.

@lulukachoo @Slooshy If you’re doing all your lessons as soon as they’re available, you might want to slow down and only do X lessons a day (or session). Most people find they can’t keep up with doing so many lessons at the same time.

It’s also okay to stop doing lessons and to focus on reviews! That helps.


Yeah, stop with the on and kun thing, it’s overcomplicating it. Just learn the pronunciation it gives you in the lesson, and review until you know it. The brain will see the pattern after a while, and you’ll have kind of accidentally internalized it, and that’s when having a name for it will be handy.

Was just about to write that.


When I have a set of burn reviews, I feel good if I get more than half of them correct. it’s disappointing to have those old items fall back down to guru or even apprentice, but be confident that you’ll get them all eventually!

You’ll eventually internalize the types of sounds used in on’ readings, and know whether a reading is on’ or kun’ just by its sound. I find this useful because often when one kanji in a word uses a kun’ reading, the rest of the word will too.


I agree, just learn the kanji reading, whatever that is. That’s what I’m doing and I haven’t had big problems yet. Once we know enough vocabulary we’ll probably be able to tell more or less.

Also exposure helps. Listen often to Japanese content. There are two things that some do to help with the retention:

  1. read the reading out loud (I’m talking about vocab) and listen to both the pronunciations, try to read it the same way. When you have the review try reading it, is it a word/sound you’ve never heard before? Or does it ring a bell? (If it rings, maybe it’s right.)
  2. write them down once during the lessons. Several people keep a “trophy book” with all the kanji and vocab.

Not sure if #2 really helps :sweat_smile: , it’s mostly a trophy book for me. But I can vouch for the first one, don’t just use your brain and your eyes, the pronunciation is vital.


Thank you for the encouragement!!!

Ok awesome!!! It was a reading I thought I knew…guess i’d been rushing a bit more than I realized. :slight_smile:

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(This is really good news!)

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