Beginner Resources for Grammar, Reading and Writing

First Post - here I go!

To keep it short: I am very determined yet overwhelmed by all available material and just started learning the basics of verb conjugation, particles, and sentence structure. I am doing my reviews daily, yet I feel the lack of practice in reading and writing, putting my knowledge into practice!

Therefore, may I ask: What are the best Resources for Beginners for mentioned above ??

I already checked Tofugu’s “Learning Japanese Resources” but there is sooooooooooooo much :open_mouth:


Thanks in advance


Lots of great suggestions and resources here:

And for reading specifically, here’s another!

For grammar, I started with the Genki I & II textbooks for building my grammar foundation and reinforced with bunpro, and I was also gifted Japanese the Manga Way when I was starting out and had a fun time going through that

For reading, I started with NHK Easy News and then Satori Reader, as well as whatever came up in the grammar texts I was studying

And for writing, if you mean handwriting well I never really practiced it tbh, just mildly in the beginning when I was doing the Genki workbooks and stuff, but I’ll do it seriously eventually!

Good luck with your studies, and welcome to the community ^^


You, sir / Ma’am*, deserve a big thanks! :smiley: that was pretty quick and detailed <3


You could try grammar resources of N5 (the beginner level of the JLPT)?
For free ones, JapaneseTest4You has a great rundown for N5 grammar, as does WikiBooks.

For non free ones, I recommend Bunpro (as mentioned above) and TRY N5 and Genki I. TRY N5 will be cheaper.

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