Beginner reading material that is *actually* for beginners?

It’s an extremely important experience to have and doesn’t contradict evolving but supports it.
Language is a tool of communication, as such it’s suppose to become secondary to whatever you’re using it for. Not having a Silver Bullet experience every once in a while can be quite harmful to some learners. The brain must have positive feedback of ease, familiarity and success in order to realize it has evolved. Otherwise it will end up interpreting all reading material as a hostile environment and push the learner to quit.
It’s especially crucial for self learners that have no way to assess where they actually stand in the process. Graded readers where designed for this very reason.

What I’m trying to say is that while the +1 is importenet for the learning process
The +0 is the actual using process it’s the difference between “I’m learning to read Japanese” and “I’m reading”.


I like it’s a travel website with articles about japan, all of them in very easy japanese and the harder words are translated. I feel like this is the only source where I can actually read the stuff!
Plus you can use browser extensions like rikaichamp to help translate the words you don’t know!


Just bought one of them today! The nice lady at the shop said they were very good.

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I have no idea where I got these from since the website’s links don’t work anymore, I just found it on my “Japanese” folder. The PDF has a collection of stories / articles based on JLTP level from 5 to 1. I’ve been going through 5 and 4 and can recommend them to anyone trying to go through graded readers.


Yes to what Ayadurtle said, and also Gabrielmpf, I think you’re laying it on a little too thick here.

Yes, I wanted to have a positive experience successfully reading something, and yes, I want to learn from what I’m reading. It’s possible to get both. And also worth noting: they’re graded readers, so once I get up a few levels they’ll get harder and I’ll struggle again, don’t you worry!

But most important of all: I think everyone here is probably challenging themselves quite a bit! In fact, I’m guessing we all do quite a bit of self-scolding, and negative talk. In my case, too much of it. I don’t think there’s any need for you to show up here and be the you-aren’t-challenging-yourself-enough police.


Well said.

Graded readers, different “levels” of standardized tests like the JLPT, hell, even “leveling up” in WaniKani … I think these things are so important to self-study in particular because many of us need that regular loop of struggle-success-struggle-success in order to validate our efforts.


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