Beginner Listening Practice / Immersion Learning!

Hi ! I’ve been watching toddler level videos on youtube to help practice listening and pick up new stuff and it’s been working out pretty well. I can understand an amount that it feels manageable.
Here’s an example of one I liked ! It’s good for counting; it goes over food counting, machine counting, and um well I’m not sure how to generalize how they count the toy eggs since I’m a beginner and haven’t learned all the counters yet.

The cool part is that this channel has massive amounts of content and it is educational in nature so there are a lot of aids to figure out what the words mean. The downside is that I don’t know many people besides me that can enjoy these very childish shows so it might not be useful for people if they are too bored by it.

If anyone else has something similar to share feel free to put it here. Also sorry if there are discussions similar to this, I poked around a little before writing this but could have easily missed something. :relaxed:

Edit : sorry felt like I needed to add that I’m not substituting this for actual focused studying just in case “immersion” in the title confuses people. Still doing wanikani and anki decks and Genki lessons, etc. :3c


Aww, that was cute, I like the happy hamburgers :slight_smile:.

When it comes to listening practice for beginners I always recommend benjiros videos. I wish there were a ton more like these!


Generic つ counter. :slightly_smiling_face:

I gotta stop watching this video, though. All those songs are getting stuck in my head…


MallowMallsoft, I’ve been watching videos for a while and it does help! Thanks for sharing this one.


Are you referring to the use of 個 for the hamburgers? That counter is usually taught as the counter for “small round objects” and many food items do fit it, but it’s actually a very flexible generic counter. You can use it for almost anything, but I would still recommend using other counters when you are sure they apply.

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Thank you !! I wonder why they thought it was a good idea to have so many ways to count things. :joy:

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Thank you for the information !! I had called it food counting since I saw them use it for food, it’s useful to know that it works for lots of things and not just that. ^^

@MallowMallsoft , @Leebo is right in saying

You haven’t learned it yet (at least through WaniKani) because you’re only a level 02, but you’ll learn it at level 20, and some of the example sentences are:

Meaning: Viet likes cream puffs so much that he eats at least one every single day.

Meaning: You’ve got one big hole in your back teeth.

Here you can see separate instances where one is referring to one small (food) item, and one small hole in a tooth.

I had the same question early on, and I still can’t give a concrete scholastic answer to this, but with learning more and more Japanese, especially the grammar portion, it seems to actually make sense that there are separate counters for separate types of “things”. But I’ll refrain from merely giving my personal observations and let someone give a more appropriate answer to this.


The video you posted isn’t showing for me, could you please post just a link if you have the time? Ty!

That is so CUTE, and certainly lots of repetition for anyone who can cope with it. :joy:

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Here is another Youtube channel to check out:

has alot of kids show stuff but also has like 60 episodes of subtitled folktales (10-15 min each)
and all 64 episodes of イマドキ妖怪 (“contemporary demons”) which are short and awesome
and hellokitty teaches you hiragana


And also a hundred-minute-long video about the Tohoku shinkansen routes which has been proving quite informative. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I came across this video while looking for listening practice on YouTube. It’s a cute song about ghosts making pancakes. I love it.


I think that should work. c:

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Very cute !! I had been looking for something like this,thank you !!

That made me smile. The drawings for it are so cute too. :ghost::pancakes::heart:

Thank you so much! :pray::heart:

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Interesting cute vid, thanks for sharing! The rhythm of the first song sounds like a jazzy take on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which is probably why the song feels pretty catchy and easy to remember. :slightly_smiling_face:

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