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Use a random number generator!



Heh, that’s the one that immediately sprang to my mind first.


Aaaand, it’s no longer half price. This is what I get for waiting. sigh

EDIT: Oh I see. It looks like they have this thing on Amazon where some earlier volumes of a manga go on sale when a new volume is released. Volume 12 came out on February 27th, so it looks like the duration might be one week. As further proof, volume 5 of 明るい記憶喪失 was released a week ago, and the first four volumes are on sale for kindle right now. We’ll see if that sale ends tomorrow.


When I read the nominations the other day I liked this one and today, going over them again, I remembered I’ve read I think the whole Italian series when it was published here years ago :laughing:
I liked it very very much!


Is it easy to enjoy even if you don’t like anything about fashion or clothing?

Yes it is, I’m not particularly fond of them, but the story is about relationships and friends, not much about technical issues.


I will be putting the vote together this evening, so this is your last chance to rate the nomination difficulties.

Get hyped!


*gets hyped*
**chances of voting in the poll increased by 100%!**




Extra thought on the difficulty polls - I would also propose getting rid of the “I don’t know” option, if we’re changing things up. It makes it more annoying to look at the results, and for no real reason.

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I just discussed this with @seanblue, and he said he’d like to keep it because you can’t unselect a poll, and if you accidentally clicked and don’t want to rate, you could “escape” this by selecting “I don’t know”.

Sounds plausible to me, but, honestly, I don’t know…

We at least decided to remove the "If you're not serious" part, so...

Ah, that’s true. I’m happy with keeping it and removing the “if you’re not serious” part - I basically object to it encouraging people to click on the poll when they’re not actually interested in voting.

Although I suppose you could get rid of it and just say that if people vote accidentally then guess they have a moral duty to go through and rate all the nominations :joy:


Yeah he said it was from back in the day when the pollsters would go in everywhere and just clickety-click :wink: But that seems to be less of an issue now.

We’ve updated the options in the Intermediate book club template - maybe you want to carry them over to the Beginner book club if you’re happy with them?


I well remember :wink: but at this stage I’d rather not facilitate the behaviour.

Yep, will do! I’m very happy to see you went with the exploding head wording - I was a definite fan of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here! :exploding_head:


Make a decoy. A separate poll with just the “I don’t know” option. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vote for the next book now!

Please look under “Current Proposals” in the first post for more details on each of the options, including links to sample pages which will help you gauge the difficulty.

Difficulty Scores

Each option has been assigned a difficulty score, noted in the poll, based on club members voting, where 1 indicates “no effort at all” and 5 indicates “so much effort my brain might explode”. These scores aren’t perfect or objective, so please look at the sample pages of options you’re interested in, if you have time.

We will likely begin reading on the 25th of April, one week after we finish reading 霧のむこうのふしぎな町. If a short manga (expected less than 8 weeks) wins we will also read the second place option afterwards without holding another vote.

The poll will be closing this evening (UK time).

You can vote for up to 4 options. Nominations are for manga except where otherwise noted.

  • Nordic Girl Åsa [2.65]
  • Ao’s Island and a Cat [2.95]
  • Laid-Back Camp [2.92]
  • Love Me For Who I Am [2.38]
  • Fruits Basket (Collector’s Ed.) [2.90]
  • Skip Beat! [2.81]
  • Neighbourhood Story [3.00]
  • This Art Club has a Problem! [2.65]
  • Haikyuu!! [2.70]
  • Great Detective Conan [3.33]
  • The Story of Kuuku the Bear Cub // Book [2.17]
  • Scary Lessons // Book [3.15]

0 voters

You can adjust your vote at any time by clicking ‘Hide Results’.


Gooo, Laid-Back Camp!


Discourse seems to have stopped notifying me of any replies to threads I am watching, or even threads I created myself :thinking: