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Not a tie anymore!
逞しさ intensifies


I am curious as to how popular Flying Witch would be had everyone not gotten a free copy… :thinking:


Didn’t we have this discussion at some point that we’d want to pick the top-voted manga and the top-voted book? Or was this in some other book club (or am I making this up entirely… :thinking:)

Anyways, are there any plans along these lines?

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I’m pretty sure the only rule/guideline is that if the winner is a short manga (what this means is debatable) then the second place pick, regardless of what type it is, will be read immediately afterward. This was done so that the book club doesn’t vote for the next next book before even starting the next book. As far as I know, there was nothing forcing any choice to be an actual book.

But didn’t we recently have a lengthy discussion around this? Whether we should always pick a manga and a book? And I even suggested having two separate polls (I searched the forums hi and low but couldn’t find any posts related to that…) and then somebody else suggested that it would be fine to have these in one poll and we could always just pick the highest manga and the highest book for the club.

By now I’m mostly curious where this discussion took place and what the actual turnout was (I think we just ended up saying that this might maybe be considered in the next poll, and I’m pretty sure that this next poll was the beginner book club one).

I think I need to ramp up my forum searching foo…

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This sounds familiar… but I can’t find it. :confounded: Using the search function didn’t turn up anything useful and I just don’t have the willpower to comb through 3000+ posts. :dizzy_face:


I honestly don’t remember. It’s important to keep in mind though, that reading a book can take around 20 weeks, so you’d want to read 2-3 manga in between every book to keep it somewhat balanced. Maybe someone else can find the discussion.


Probably the ABBC?

It was just a few posts, but the discussion started with the post I quoted.


There definitely was a long discussion in ABBC about books vs manga and having two clubs or two picks, etc. it ended with no change in format, except a person stepped up to lead the second choice in the latest poll (in July) so now there is both a manga and a book being read.


Well, I think we can be fairly confident that Flying Witch is going to win at this point.

This means we’ll also read the second-place option following on.

We don’t usually do runoffs, and as everyone has multiple votes I don’t feel there’s much point - people can use their current voting power to indicate which pick they’d like to read second (even if you have to vote for something you wouldn’t otherwise have selected, you might still have a preference between the current contenders).

I’ll probably close the poll this evening or tomorrow morning, so if your votes need adjusting, get going :wink:


Thank you, that was the discussion I was looking for!

(how did you manage to find it?)

And that was the conclusion :slight_smile: Do you feel inclined to try this out?

Isn’t that effectively what Radish is doing by telling people to adjust their votes to select a second place winner? If people want to read the book second, they’ll vote for the book over Yuru Camp.

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I don’t think it is, because the discussion was originally triggered by this:

which I followed up with

and the subsequent discussion (on how to get a manga + book).

But now it’s more like

which means if the second place is a manga, then we read two manga.

(Which is fine for me; I just did not want to let the previous discussion slip into oblivion. :wink:)

TL;DR: Manga for everyone.


But, as what happened with the ABC, there was simply enough interest to do a particular book, even though it didn’t win, so it was officially blessed to be unofficially done on the side :wink:
The “You can always start any book or manga you want and see if anyone wants to join” routine, with the blessing that the group didn’t mind if the second place was done in this way.

I might end up doing this with Scary Lessons one day if it never wins =P
If I am to run it I want to be at a higher level first though, so give me another year :rofl:

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Oh yep - I would personally still prefer to read a book after the next manga :wink:

But my thinking is that if more people want to read a book after the next manga, then more people can and should vote for the book now… That seems the simplest way to judge what people want, rather than running extra polls (which might leave some people ordering late).

We might just have to devote a lot of effort to drumming up support for a book next time… or now :open_mouth:


Start a spin-off book club. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s h-happening again :fearful: