Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

Can’t believe I never thought of that!

Seriously though, it’s just not worth learning those items on WaniKani at this point.


You are making me reconsider my “never give up, never surrender” approach. Granted, it’s not working so well, since I’m just not reviewing anything. At least floflo has a “soft reset” option that trashes everything that (it thinks) you know and removes everything else from the review queue. I might be tempted at this point in time.

For the benefit of people in here actually reading Zenitendo and not just moaning about leeches… :wink:
I came across this example sentence while doing lessons this morning, and thought you might enjoy it.

Before using the nuclear weapon, please carefully review the instruction booklet.


Isn’t there a Zenitendo home thread for that kind of talk? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Naphthalene @ekadish
Was going to post this last night but discourse was down most of the night, assuming it’s the right one, ご近所物語 is free at the moment (or this edition is, rather).

Same with NANA vols1-3.


Well, what the heck. Insta"buy".
Thanks a lot!

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No worries,
Other works by here that are free are 天使なんかじゃない vol 1 and 下弦の月

Also, Mischievous Kiss vol 1 was also free.

And, jumping to Shounen, a few SJ titles (Naruto, DragonBall, HunterXHunter, to name a few) have a free ‘starter sets’ which appear to be compilations and excerpts of the first volumes. Some serieses have one book, but others have three.


Funnily, they show up as ‘currently not available’ on amazon… I think that has to do with my account…

But the same volumes (1-3 for NANA, 1 for ご近所物語)are free on ebookjapan as well and i actually went and read volume 1 of ご近所物語 right after we talked about it, and enjoyed it like mad!


I finished reading ご近所物語 today (though the word ‘reading’ is a bit of a stretch). It was actually pretty hard, granted I ‘read’ it without a dictionary, so I’d definitely like to come back to it at some point. It’s fairly text heavy and my grammar is pretty rough (though I just started on Bunpro last week, so hopefully that part improves).


Thank you so much! I haven’t yet purchased the next book - it seems the universe gave me a hint to wait until a better chance comes. Woo-hoo! :partying_face:

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Hey, I keep doing this but Attack on Titan’s first three volumes are free for Kindle on Amazon JP.


You keep doing this D:

Are the free Kindle ebooks free as in, you get them forever? Or free until said date?

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Some are free for a limited time, and some are free permanently, however, when you buy them and have them forever on your Kindle IIRC.
I just set up a kind of list for free books, if you’re interested.


I was going to nominate 霧のむこうのふしぎな町, but it’s a little over 200 pages…


Perhaps gauge interest for a spin off club? I’d read it.

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Here’s a poll to gauge interest in 霧のむこうのふしぎな町. I don’t really know anything about the book. It just has good reviews and seems targeted towards a younger audience, similar to 時をかける少女 or 魔女の宅急便.

  • I’m not interested in reading this book
  • I might be interested, but would need more information
  • I’d be interested in reading it with the beginner book club, even though it’s slightly longer than the 200 page limit
  • I’d be interested in reading it with a standalone book club, at the beginner book club pace of 10 pages per week (~21 weeks)
  • I’d be interested in reading it with a standalone book club, at a pace of around 15 pages per week (~14 weeks)
  • I’d be interested in reading it with a standalone book club, at a pace of 20 pages per week or faster (~11 weeks or less)

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I’m considering nominating Hunter X Hunter vol1. It’s fairly easy to read (except for Kurapika’s dialogue, Jesus H. Christ child please calm down you don’t need to talk so formally).
I’m also reading やがて君になる which is fairly easy but might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Thanks for setting this up, I’d be keen to see what everyone else thinks, imo I’m never put off by the length of a book and I don’t personally see the need for a page cap, since lately we’ve been picking two choices anyway and we can always just read a little faster, but that’s just me.


I don’t think that would be a good idea for the beginner book club. Early on, even 10 pages per week can feel like a lot. (Actually, I sometimes still feel that way, albeit with slightly harder books.)

Good to know it’s relatively easy. I’m planning to read that sometime in the next couple months. I’m probably going to buy about half the series first, and then assuming I like it I’ll buy the rest after the final volume comes out in November.


imo, it’s probably easier than Shirokuma (which was in the ABC) and easier than a lot of other things that have been in the BBC.

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Maybe you should nominate it then. You say it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s true, but in that case they just won’t vote for it. No harm in trying.