Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

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@Toyger I think the 日本昔ばなしアニメ絵本 18冊全巻セット that you nominated might be better for the new Absolute Beginner book club. Do you have any objections to me removing it from the Beginner Book club nominees and you can renominate it there if you want?

@cybershark I see you already renominated あたしンち there, so are you okay if I remove it here?

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You can also remove キノの旅, since it was nominated in the intermediate book club.

That’s the plan. Also going to remove 放浪息子, ご注文はうさぎですか, and トラちゃん for being too hard.

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Yeah? I think a lot of those would be fine for here…

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What I mean is: it feels like if books like 放浪息子 are pushed into Intermediate, and we have an Absolute Beginners, the selection pool here could become a bit shallow. Also I kinda think in particular (haven’t read the others) 放浪息子 is substantly easier than the books being nominated over in Intermediate right now - although, that’s partly just by virtue of them being not-manga.

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トラちゃん felt challenging to me when I read the sample many months back, and it has the highest score of 3.58. It has low interest anyway, so I’m removing it for that reason regardless.

ご注文はうさぎですか has the next highest score at 3.47. Having read the first two volumes of this manga, I think it would be nearly impossible for this group. In my opinion, it’s significantly more difficult than 時をかける少女. It also has had low interest in general.

放浪息子 has the next highest score at 3.41. I just read the first half of the first volume yesterday, and it’s actually not too bad. So I don’t have to remove this one. But it’s also consistently at the middle of the pack, and I don’t think it’ll ever win. I’m planning on creating one of those “general discussion” topics like we did for ご注文はうさぎですか and Sword Art Online. I’m planning to just read it on my own in my spare time at this point (I just ordered the full 15 volume set this morning), but I can keep it in the running if you really want me to. I agree that it would be too easy for the intermediate book club.

Do you think キノの旅 would be better here or in intermediate book club?


I’m not sure. I don’t know how much weight should be put in my opinion anyway, but I’m especially not sure how to judge full books. Either kinda seems fine, I’d just probably expect Intermediate to read it a lot faster.

Also! If you pop up a separate Let’s Read Wandering Son thread, I’d participate. Maybe we could leech away a few others and do a side club if people have interest/time.


Hopefully not too much faster :grimacing:

Would you want a real bookclub with a schedule and all that? Because what I mentioned would just be a place for people interested to talk about the story and ask the occasional question.

I think it would be fun to do it that way if enough people wanted to participate. Then we’re actually talking about the same stuff at the same time. I could change the thread title as necessary.
That said, I haven’t been here long to really guess how many people are interested in doing that when there are already a number of groups that exist.

I think we could probably get a least 5 people consistently interested, but my concern would be splintering the book club more, making people pick and choose what to read. We could maybe have it loosely organized but still somewhat scheduled. Like one volume a month is the “main volume” for discussion but nothing for specific chapters. Though I also kind of just want to read it at my own pace and not be bound by a schedule. Hmm… :thinking:


Then just do that, don’t worry about it! :wink:

The dilemma is that I will also want to ask questions. :joy: どうしよう⁈


Take the plunge! Join those who read with no question asking ability!
Orrrr just make that casual thread.

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I really don’t think we would at all be hard-pressed to fill the vacuum.

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I’ll just make sure @Naphthalene is reading at the same time so I can ask them all my questions.


Unrelated, but I can’t seem to be able to find Yuru Camp in physical form. Apparently it’s not available in my country (the US?) on Amazon Japan. Any workaround or will I have to use a digital version?


I was going to recommend kinokuniya, but they’re out of stock. And this is expensive. Uhhh…