Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

I agree it’s not the same (almost said as much in my previous post but didn’t bother :laughing:). I’ll put a poll up for it as soon as a winner is officially selected.

As for nominating or voting on partial books, I think that might only work for “real” short story collections, rather than slice of life stories. Maybe there’s a way to make it work, but I don’t really have a good idea at the moment. If you have a suggestion for how to do it I’m all ears.

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In one of his books, Stephen King said (through his character, so he might not actually agree) that you should give a chance to a book by reading the first 100 pages. If you don’t like it then, you drop it, if not you keep going.

For books, we could just read the first 100 or 150 with the club. People who want to keep reading can just make an offshoot group (or we can decide as a whole to keep going)


Not to jinx it, but…

It has basically double the votes of the second place now <3

I think it helped that it got a momentum going beforehand :wink:
I have actually voted for it every time, both here an on intermediate. Owned it for a long time too =P

hello!!! I would like to join this too… i see that natsume reading began… yesterday??? I think i can catch up to that, i f i order the ebook… please count me in! thank you!


Good to have you :blush: all you have to do is grab a copy and start reading along. We’re taking two weeks over the first chapter, so you haven’t missed out on much time at all ^^


It’s pretty runaway at this point. If nothing significantly changes, I’m going to close the poll tonight.


Sounds like a plan! Gives people more time to get their copy, the few who hasn’t already bought it :rofl:

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Alright, with how overwhelming the voting was, I closed the poll already. Our winner is 時をかける少女! :grin:

We will be reading the version with this cover (Tsubasa Bunko version). You can buy a different version of course, but it will be a little tougher to reference what page you’re reading.


Where to buy:
CD Japan:

Amazon eBook:
eBook Japan:

Learning Vocab:
You can create an account on (thread) to learn the vocabulary in the book ahead of time (or while you’re reading):

Next Steps:
Sometime this week I’ll create a home thread for the book. There I will propose a schedule and start date and set up polls to make sure everyone is okay with that.


Waiting for book… Estimated delivery Thu, Oct 25 - Mon, Nov 12

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Glad to see it won! My copy just reached the US, so it should be here soon.

I suppose this might also be the book that finally gets me onto


That’s not the version I and @Kyasurin have, but since there are two of us, we should be fine.
(We got them from Book Off, so we took what was available; beggars can’t be choosers :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Yeah, she mentioned that she got a copy at Book Off. The cover was pretty cool though, so there’s that!


I’ll be trying it for real now too! My plan is to completely pre-learn the words with higher frequency (something like four to six occurrences) and then learn the remaining non-frequency one words on Floflo as I’m reading.

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If you haven’t used Flo*Flo (wow there autocorrect, how do you know that? Did @Raionus hack my phone?) so far, the number you get might be very inflated by all the これ それ できる and so on that you haven’t trashed yet.

I originally set that I knew the first 2000 of the core 6000 (I’m at around 2300 on iKnow), so those didn’t show up. But then I realized that I probably don’t know many of the later ones that well. So I set it to 0 thinking I’d just trash stuff. But that resulted in too many items (as you indicated), so I settled for setting it to 1000. It’s still gonna be a bunch of work to trash stuff I know already. I’ll probably also trash the grammar items since those are better learned elsewhere.

If you’re curious, after those setting changes and some trashing, Floflo says I know 51% of the words in the book. Here are my unknown counts:

  • 5+: 113
  • 4+: 177
  • 3+: 255
  • 2+: 502

Based on that, I’m not sure whether or not I should try to learn the frequency 2 words. :thinking:

Also, can you please tell me what your frequency 2+ and 1+ counts are for the book? I’d really like to know. :slight_smile:

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Nice I’ve been waiting for this book!
Can’t wait to try it out on floflo, I’ve heard about it from browsing the servers, but I didn’t realize it was free?! :open_mouth:
There seems to be soooo much work put into it, to make that available to everyone for free is amazing!


Can you please tell me the secret of how you managed to find this book on Bookwalker? I tried to find it yesterday, but on entering the title into the search box it only showed me mangas… even when I pre-selected the “light novel” page.

Alright purchased it at Kinokuniya Australia so it should arrive in the post soon-ish so I can look over any vocab and stuff I’m unfamilar with on FloFlo.

Hopefully made the right choice going for this level and the the lowest level book club. :slight_smile:

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I’ll give you the full list, just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Freq 6+: 16
  • Freq 5+: 26
  • Freq 4+: 49
  • Freq 3+: 74
  • Freq 2+: 207
  • Freq 1+: 772


NB: I have きのう and パジャマ as freq 6 words and 友だち as a freq 5 word. So, still inflated.

Edit: trashed a few 友だち and other おはよう down to a nice 200 unknown words for freq 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Would you mind sending a pic of your cover? I’m currently thinking that the suggested edition of the book is a bit heavy on the furigana side for my taste, so I am wondering whether I should get one with less furi in it.

I found this one on ebookjapan: - is this the same as the one you two have got?

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