Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

yatta…books here here!

(a couple of these are gifts)

this one looked scary…lots of text…yikes! haha

and I ordered some other stuff that no one probably cares about so no pictures of that … boo…have to wait another month to start


You must really like Flying Witch to buy all those volumes right away.


買い物が楽しい haha…
I liked the anime…so why not buy them all right? and since the anime didn’t continue (assuming the manga continued the story) if not oh well …

I’m more worried about the second book…it looks hard … lol


Well books are generally harder than manga. It takes some time to adjust from manga to books, but this one should be okay overall. There will be plenty of more experienced people reading it too that can help out if you get stuck. :slight_smile:


you guys put up with all my whining last time and it turned out that I wasn’t the only idiot with stupid questions so yatta! …so as long as you’ll have me again…I’m looking forward to trying to cement more stuff in my brain…also farther along on grammar…still struggling overall cuz you know Japanese is easy to learn haha…but this is where I’m at on BunPro grammar wise:

also halfway through genki II with my italki instructor…been doing some writing (sentences mostly) …kept a 旅日記 from my vacation…some of it was good some of it was a mess…but I figure I’m farther along now so it shouldn’t be as painful as the first book…but I can say it was the first book I read cover to cover in Japanese…(with all the help from you amazing folks)!


Well, we may only be a couple of weeks into Flying Witch, but we’re starting the next book in six weeks so…

Here you go!


So, I was checking for 結婚しても恋してる volume 1 on CDJapan, and guess what I saw on the recommendations :rofl:


The book clubs ARE moving the market after all :rofl:


Can you use Yomi-chan with any of these on PC? Or can I at least copy it? (So I can copy it into Google Docs and then use Yomi-chan).

@Nenad @Naphthalene

In this case, because the links in the quoted text are to the upcoming book (which is a short novel rather than manga), they are text files (technically XHTML files), which you may be able to copy and paste from.

The preview available from the eBook Japan link doesn’t allow selecting text, so I can’t say which readers do and do not allow selecting text. I recommend finding a book that has a preview available from the retailer of your choice, and see if you can select text from it in their reader. If you can, then you can with the upcoming book as well.


Yes nevermind I somehow thought those were links to ふらいんぐういっち.

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Has anyone read この美術部には問題がある? I think it might be a good difficulty for the club, and I thought the anime was pretty funny.

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I hadn’t heard of it before, but I was able to read and understand the first few pages on bookwalker. I’ll probably end up reading at least a volume even if the club doesn’t.


For my sanity, and to make things slightly less overwhelming for new readers… if you are an eBook reader, which service / vendor do you prefer to use these days?

  • BookWalker
  • eBook Japan
  • BookLive
  • Honto
  • Kobo
  • Kindle
  • Other (please tell me :sob:)

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I am considering removing e.g. eBook Japan given its recent decline in popularity (I’d rather not point new people to inferior services), but I’ll keep it if lots of people still get their books there.

What do people think - better to curate a shorter list of services generally agreed to be good, or provide as many options / shortcuts as possible? Happy to continue with lots of links if that’s what people want - we can always outline general recommendations in the OP.


Yes, I think that’s what I would prefer.

Just like you said, I’m thinking that new users might be overwhelmed with too many options, and we should point them to good resources so that it’s easy for them to start out with something good. (Because of this strong vendor lock-in, they might be reluctant to switch later.)

For those who already picked a vendor and want to stick with it, if that’s not on the list, then they usually know how to find the book there, I reckon, so it’s not as urgent for them.


Awesome, that’s exactly what I was thinking :grin: I just know it’s incredibly convenient if somebody has already provided the direct link, so I don’t want to take that away if it will be annoying for people. Will see what others say but thank you for saying exactly what I wanted to hear :wink:

Well, basically I just repeated what you had said before :wink:

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I knew there weren’t any actual Honto users out there! :eyes:


Oof. :eyes:

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I think what @Radish8 is trying to say is that kappa aren’t real and therefore your vote doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: