Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Ogawa Mimei: Collection of Children's Stories

On booklive it’s 50% off until July 11th, too :smiley: and you can read the first volume (as well as first volumes from other series) for free until 11th.


I just had a glance at コンビニ人間 on the web、it sounds great! But looking at the reading itself、there is way too much kanji for me at the moment. I’m only level 14 and frankly、my reading sucks. It’s my weak spot. My grammar is not bad、hence why I can make out what’s going on when I eventually make out what I’m reading. I still have to use the dictionary a lot for vocab too、as the native stuff is far more articulate than I am! I think I should stick with the BBC. The ABBC would not be challenging enough、methinks、but I would drown in the IBC.

Thank you so much for your response and guidance.


I wasn’t aware that you were already level 40 (this high level). Somehow I imagined you between 25-30. Congratz :grin:


I’ve been level 40 since Christmas though :joy: you should more be wagging the finger because I’ve neglected my reviews for so long :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you :blush: :purple_heart: I was pleased to get to this high a level.


You certainly deserve that golden badge :purple_heart:


We have a winner! :tada:

drumroll please…

Our next book will be 一週間フレンズ ・ One Week Friends :confetti_ball:

We should be starting this pick on the 10th of August.


Glad I’m not the only one! :rofl:
I last leveled up in January or February =P
I’m keeping up with my reviews though, just not doing lessons. Will continue when I feel ready, probably after the summer =)

I joined 2.5 years ago, that lifetime subscription sure was worth it :wink:
I push too hard, crash, burn and start all over! D=
This time I kept up with reviews so won’t restart again at least =P


I stopped very much on purpose, and was doing my reviews for several months, and then… pretty much just before I was planning to start up lessons again I kind of stopped altogether. At least I have vacation mode on :grimacing:

As you can maybe tell, I’m getting back into things by starting with the forums and reading first :wink:


I stopped on purpose too, had planed breaks ever so often. I could feel the burnout coming and stopped too late, so my review pile became a monster D=
I got a bad burnout and fell of every club, reading and grammar studies =/
I just recently picked up my reading again with Yotsuba and joined in on Chi. (it was my baby, I have to join in =^_^= )
Will continue with Genki too. But WaniKani will have to wait till I’m ready =P


I suspect I just finally got fed up of doing reviews :grin: I’ve also had an astonishingly large number of ‘life’ things going on, which hasn’t helped me get back on the wagon.

I was thinking it was a shame you weren’t reading Zenitendou because it seems right up your street, but now I understand!


I own it, and fully planed on it, but the burnout came just before it started D=
I still might read it later, and go back and follow the forum thread when I do =)

I usually buy every book and try to join everything, which stretch myself too thin.
I don’t feel passionate about this winner, nor the one on ABC, so will skip them both and focus on reading things I’m more passionate about for now. ( I would definitely join a “detective” club though :wink: )


goes to clear 150+ reviews and then turn vacation mode on


I wish Floflo had vacation mode :cry:


I wish WaniKani had a way to stop reviewing leeches. Then I wouldn’t need vacation mode. :sweat_smile:


There’s a way. Just get them right next time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t believe I never thought of that!

Seriously though, it’s just not worth learning those items on WaniKani at this point.


You are making me reconsider my “never give up, never surrender” approach. Granted, it’s not working so well, since I’m just not reviewing anything. At least floflo has a “soft reset” option that trashes everything that (it thinks) you know and removes everything else from the review queue. I might be tempted at this point in time.

For the benefit of people in here actually reading Zenitendo and not just moaning about leeches… :wink:
I came across this example sentence while doing lessons this morning, and thought you might enjoy it.

Before using the nuclear weapon, please carefully review the instruction booklet.


Isn’t there a Zenitendo home thread for that kind of talk? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Naphthalene @ekadish
Was going to post this last night but discourse was down most of the night, assuming it’s the right one, ご近所物語 is free at the moment (or this edition is, rather).

Same with NANA vols1-3.