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Natively: Not rated! Ironic given recent discussions; I’d rate it 22-24


Apologies that the English version is a bit mangled. I don’t think it’s available in English yet!


少年・九が出会ったのはロボットの少女・いちこ。噛み合うことのない歯車が、今 回り出す。 夏休み、母とふたりで暮らす宇佐美九のもとへ、人間にそっくりなロボットの少女のいちこがやってきた。「心」を学ぶ彼女に惹かれゆく九。そして九に想いを寄せる幼馴染の愛。少しずつ育ち、絡み合ってゆく気持ち…。ボーイ・ミーツ・ロボットガール、開演!


A boy, Kyu, meets a robot girl, Ichiko.

During summer vacation, Ichiko, a robot girl who looks just like a human, comes to live with Kyu Usami, who lives with his mother. Kyu becomes attracted to her as she learns about her “heart.” And Ai, a childhood friend who has feelings for Kyu. Feelings that grow little by little and become intertwined…

Boy Meets Robot Girl begins!


Physical: Amazon JP, CD Japan
Digital: Kindle, Bookwalker

Personal Opinion

I read a free preview sometime last year, and it seems a cute story. In some ways, the robot angle is a bit contrived, and it may turn into a bit of a standard love triangle, but I still liked it. It seems to also be a coming of age type story. I like the art style - though the content pages are somewhat different to the cover art, which I really like.

Pros and Cons


  • Language style seems easy
  • Generally not text dense (there are a few pages which are, see second “additional page”
  • First of a short series (volume 4 out now, I don’t know if it’s complete there)


  • Borderline length (it’s about 200 pages, story itself finishes before page 200)
  • Minimal furigana


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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