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Bit of an early proposal, but I’ve forgot to nominate it multiple times now, so I don’t want to do that again.

先輩がうざい後輩の話 (My Senpai is Annoying)

Natively: Level 20



ちょっぴりガサツだけど面倒見のいい先輩・武田と、そんな彼に素直になれない(?)後輩・五十嵐。 今日も五十嵐は武田をうざいと思いつつ、本当はまんざらでもなかったりやっぱり本当にうざいときもあったりと自覚のない二人の微妙な距離感にもだえちゃうことまちがいなし! 気になる武田と五十嵐の出会いや、ちょっとオトナ(?)な風間と桜井のお話しを含む約40Pの描き下ろしも大収録でおとどけします!!


(Translated from the Japanese, which is a bit crude, so this is also a bit crude(r))
Takeda, the somewhat crude, but caring senior, and Igarashi, the junior, that can’t be honest with him. Even today, Igarashi thinks that Takeda is annoying, but in reality, she doesn’t find him all that bad, and even though there are times, when he is annoying her, she unknowingly struggles with the distance between them. Both the story of Takeda and Igarashi, and the newly drawn story of the slightly more mature(?) Kazama and Sakurai are included!


First few chapters on pixiv
Amazon: Digital, Physical
Bookwalker: Digital
CDJapan: Physical

Personal Opinion

That blurb is somewhat of a nothing burger, so I’ll fill the gaps in.
I’m following along this manga in English, it’s a very cute, modern romcom without all (or at least most) of the usual plot points that come with the genre. The story is mainly built up of 2 (and later on 3 or so) plot lines of love interests, that are mainly focused around an office environment. As far as I could tell, it has a more natural, more mature language, because obviously everyone’s an adult. It also actually develops over time, unlike some other series. It’s great for those that love a good romance manga, but are looking for something a bit more grown up.
It also had an anime adaptation back in the middle ages of 2021. It got pretty decent rating back then.

Pros and Cons


  • The first few chapters (in a rougher draft format) and incredibly the last few volumes I’m pretty sure, are completely free and available on the author’s pixiv
  • The language, while still manga-esque, seems way more natural than most other series
  • The quality of the digital edition is very good
  • It’s made up of very short stories (4-6 pages each), which makes it a very easy read to pick up whenever you have a few minutes spare
  • Some earlier chapters, and all later chapters are beautifully rendered (earlier chapters are either black
    and white or flat colour)


  • No furigana and a typeface that changes based on emotions can make for a frustrating kanji look-up session.
  • It’s almost purely a romcom. Any and all scenes are at least somewhat related to romance, especially in the earlier chapters. This could easily be a positive for you.


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

From the second chapter, this shows the artstyle used in the first volume better

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