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Dreamin’ Sun



Shimana Kameko decides to skip school and run away from home after feeling overshadowed by her six-month-old brother and new stepmother. After leaving home, she stumbles over a man wearing a kimono who has apparently been locked out of his own house. Desperate to get back in, the man offers Shimana a place she can rent from him if she can fulfill three conditions: find the house key, tell him why she ran away, and have a dream.

Takano Ichigo is known for her manga series Orange, which is more serious. This manga is pretty much pure shenanigans. There are still serious things, but most of the time the tone is kind of just … silly?


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Personal Opinion

As I noted above, this manga has a much lighter tone than the more well-known manga Orange. I think Takano-sensei’s art and characters are really great, and this story is really fun. Also, if you’re interested in reading Orange, Dreamin’ Sun might be a good way to get familiar with Takano-sensei’s writing style (at least, I always find it easier to understand writers I have read before than ones I haven’t. I was procrastinating catching up on Orange today and easily read the first 115 pages of Dreamin’ Sun.)

Pros and Cons


  • Funny! But not 4-koma
  • One continuous story with plot development
  • I think we can probably read it in about 6 weeks (or less)?
  • Furigana


  • I can’t think of anything


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Note: the tone of the first three pages is very different from the whole rest of the book. See the following 8 pages under additional pages.

Additional Pages

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