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That (kind of) concludes the vote, thank you to everyone that voted and/or nominated something!

From the 16th of July we will be reading Shadows House

@seanblue would you be willing to host the club?

Since Shadows House is a short manga we also need to nominate the manga that we are going to read afterwards. Because the second place was shared between 3 different manga we will hold a short deciding poll in which everyone will only get one vote, that poll will only last for 2 days. If by chance we still have a tie we will choose one at random.

  • [2.20/L25] God Bless the Mistaken [short Manga]
  • [2.25/L19] Whisper of the Heart [short Manga]
  • [2.56/L25] Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun [short Manga]

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We also have to say goodbye to one book because it did not reach 20% in 3 consecutive polls:

  • Scary Lessons (19%/19%/15%)