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Hello! Moving this recommendation from the intermediate club to here! Hopefully here is a better fit! :blush:




(From BookWalker) 5分で脱力、5分で笑える。5分で読める“5分シリーズ”からお届けする、クスッとできるどんでん返し。 小説投稿サイト「エブリスタ」に投稿された20000作超の短編から厳選した、『5分後に笑えるどんでん返し』。 意外すぎるオチに驚く珠玉の掌編15本。


(Quick google translate and a little editing)
Weakness in 5 minutes and laughter in 5 minutes. An unexpected twist from the “5-minute series” that can be read in 5 minutes. Carefully selected from over 20,000 short stories posted on the novel posting site "Everystar”. Fifteen short stories that are have a surprising ending.


Amazon Japan (tankobon and ebook)
BookWalker (ebook)

Personal Opinion

I’ve recently seen these kinds of short story books a lot in Japan. They are very popular with children. Definitely think it would be fun and interesting reading practice. The short stories also makes it easier to consume.
This book’s stories also seem to be selected from a novel publishing site, which is interesting.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Recently these 5分後 type of books have been very popular in Japan.
  • Many short stories from different authors, so possibly a little variety for everyone and easy to digest.
  • Not very long (about 200 something pages) (may be a con to some)
  • If people enjoy this read, they can continue other 5分後 books.


  • Not all the kanji have furigana (can be a pro for some)
  • Some may prefer one continuous story instead of many short ones



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  • Significant effort
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