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Set in a magic world, Mash Burnedead is a young man who was born without magic. In order to live a peaceful life with his adoptive grandfather, he needs to become a Divine Visionary, a title given to exceptional students from the Easton Magic Academy. Mash goes to the magic school, despite not having any magic, and must survive by only relying on his muscles. (Wikipedia)


Physical: CDJapan | Amazon JP
Digital: Bookwalker | Kindle | Kobo

Personal Opinion

I’ve heard tons of good things about this series - Harry Potter parody meets One-Punch Man! From the reviews I’ve read it’s not too story driven and more comedy focused, so it shouldn’t be a big deal if someone falls behind and decides to skip a chapter, which is why I think it’s suitable as a book club pick. The text density seems to be around the same as Hanako.

Pros and Cons


  • Standard language, or at least I couldn’t spot any heavy dialects in the first chapter
  • Full furigana


  • The Kindle preview seemed blurry to the point of making some smaller characters very difficult to read for me. Bookwalker seems to be much better in comparison though.
  • With 220 pages in total, this manga is on the longer side for this club and would probably take around 10 weeks to read


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

Read the full first chapter on Bookwalker

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