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ささやくように恋を唄う (Whisper Me a Love Song)



On the first day of entering high school, Himari Kino “falls” for her senior, Yori Asanagi, whom she watched singing with a band at the welcome party for new students. When Himari confesses her admiration to Yori, Yori misinterprets Himari’s feelings as romantic love. However, before Yori realizes, she comes to fall for Himari anyway, and promises to win her affections for real. (Wikipedia)



Personal Opinion

This is one of those manga that I could read in one go without getting fatigued. It is incredibly sweet (for some it might be to sweet) and has a good density for a beginner book club. The first volume tells one scene from 2 sides, which is a great way of reviewing your understanding of the situation. One downside might be that the first volume doesn’t end on a very satisfying note.

Pros and Cons


  • Good density
  • Great art
  • No dialects


  • (No furigana)


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

Bookwalker Preview

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