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I guess I’ll go ahead and nominate this(here’s hoping I didn’t forget to include anything)



English(just my own translation of the amazon summary below, not completely literal):

Mogumo, a student who goes to school wearing a girl’s school uniform, is invited to work part time at a cafe one day. At first, mogumo is happy about getting to work while wearing a cute uniform, but after learning the that the cafe is a “otoko no ko” cafe…




Cdjapan: CDJapan : Fukakaina Boku no Subete wo LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM. 1 (MeDu COMIC) Kata Konayama BOOK
bookwalker: 不可解なぼくのすべてを 1 - マンガ(漫画) 粉山カタ(MeDu COMICS):電子書籍試し読み無料 - BOOK☆WALKER -
ebookjapan: 不可解なぼくのすべてを 1【電子限定特典付き】 (MeDu COMICS) - 粉山カタ - 無料まんが・試し読みが豊富!電子書籍をお得に買うならebookjapan
Also available on kindle and as an ebook from cdjapan

Personal Opinion

I’ve personally already read the first volume, so my main reasons for nominating it are that it seemed to be at a difficulty level that felt similar to some previous book club picks to me, as well as that I personally liked it(enough to be up for rereading it if it gets chosen for the book club)

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • No furigana, could be good for practicing kanji.
  • First two chapters are currently available (legally) for free online (1 2)
  • Handles some of the topics it covers better than most other manga I’m aware of


  • No furigana except for names, meaning that looking up unknown vocab/kanji may take longer.
  • Some pages have somewhat large amounts of text(see first two additional sample pages)


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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