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Outrageous misadventures of an almost normal family with a housewife, her husband, and their two kids Yuusuke and Mikan. Wacky humor about this weird family’s daily life.


An ebook is aviable on I don’t know where else to get japanese ebooks.

Personal Opinion

I did watch the anime and trasnlated it for crunchyroll germany. First I was skeptical, but the Anime ended up beeing quite funny. I bought the first volume of the manga and it’s a fun and easy to read manga. The manga is around 130 pages long and consist of 34 short storys about daily family life.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • lot’s of furigana
  • daily life conevrsations
  • actually quite funny


  • might be a bit childish for some


First Three Pages of Chapter One

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