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I’m going to keep moving things along so that future nominations and voting goes more smoothly. Hopefully us worrying about picking something too hard can become a thing of the past.

To start, how long should polls for choosing the next book go on before ending them and saying who won.

  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks

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Also, we discussed starting our nominations over from scratch, but if we do this we need good guidelines. I recommend including:

  • Title of the book.
  • Summary of the book from Amazon / MyAnimeList / wherever.
  • Link to the book on Amazon JP (at least).
  • Personal opinion (optional)
  • Pros and cons (optional)
  • Pictures of the first three pages and up to three additional pages so that people can evaluate the difficulty.
  • A poll from 1 to 3 (easy/medium/hard) so we can try to gauge the difficulty of each book. Then the average from this poll can be included in the list of nominations.

Any concerns with that criteria? Any other suggestions for something to change or add?