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How do you make the thumbs-up appear? I don’t see the option under other posts :open_mouth:


If you are on a computer – you hover over the “like” button and then the popup will appear:


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Since when it was there? :astonished:

Anyway, thank you!


Actually, it’s only been added yesterday :sweat_smile:


I just bought the ebook and scrolled through it, and the text density really stays quite low throughout the whole volume, so I think one chapter per week would be too little for this club. So with two chapters per week we’d have a 6 week schedule for this book.


I plugged some shameless adverts into the neighboring book clubs (Absolute Beginner and Intermediate) - maybe somebody is interested and takes a look.

I mean, there have always been times of more activity vs. less activity, so maybe this is natural after all, but looking at the previous polls, we always had 50+ participants, so the current number seems to be a bit low, indeed :thinking:

If it still remains low after the weekend, you could of course keep it open for a few more days if it feels like this would improve the situation. But maybe it is just like that this time around :woman_shrugging:


6 weeks sounds like a “also do second place” situation. That is short.


Was there some announcement about this, or did it just randomly show up?


Looks like that thanks to this everyone in this thread is now part of an elite club, 39 members and growing


Or not :wink:


Well that didn’t last long, lol. Happy to see them go, they added a lot of visual noise without any obvious benefit.


I’m not going to vote this time around, but that’s because I’m fine with most options and because I don’t want to bias the poll if I can’t commit. That said, I’ll still try to read with the bookclub if I can!

I have a huge backlog of stuff to read right now. I broke my wrist back in June and couldn’t use my hand for 2 months, so I dropped Yuru Camp which required a lot of dictionary usage and started reading Girls Last Tour which has a wonderful vocab sheet. Then I couldn’t stop reading it :rofl:. So I’ll try to catch up with Yuru Camp and the current pick once I finish volume 6 next week.


I know that feeling haha :joy_cat:

Wish you a speedy recovery and I hope that you can catch up soon and join us with our next pick!


Definitely tough to put down Girls’ Last Tour. Great manga.


Thanks for the help!

I will let it run out. I think the push yesterday helped enough.

The likelyhood of the “The way of the Househusband” winning is quite high right now and there is an argument to be made that it could be classified as a “short manga”. This is probably not the best way but in the event it does win I think it would be good to know if the second one is the one we read afterwards so the people who order their books from Japan can bundle both into one purchase. That is why I have set up a small poll to get a quick overview.

  • Short schedule (~6 weeks / ~26 pages per week)
  • Long schedule (~10 weeks / ~15 pages per week)

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Yeah, I think it looks a lot better now :sweat_smile:

Yes, we should definitely know this when we announce the winner. Thanks for asking about the schedule!


Last chance to vote on what we will read next. The vote will close 12 hours after this post has been posted.





I know the poll is not closed yet, but I need to go to bed soon and wanted to quickly mention that there is currently a Bookwalker 50% coin cashback going on for all books, until 2021-10-27T00:59:00Z.

Also, I discovered that Death Note is not only available as a monochrome edition on Bookwalker, but also in colour!

Here are the links in case you are interested (and in case those books actually win :crossed_fingers:):

Househusband: 極主夫道 1巻 - マンガ(漫画) おおのこうすけ(バンチコミックス):電子書籍試し読み無料 - BOOK☆WALKER -

Death Note (monochrome): DEATH NOTE モノクロ版 1 - マンガ(漫画) 大場つぐみ/小畑健(ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL):電子書籍試し読み無料 - BOOK☆WALKER -

Death Note (colour): DEATH NOTE カラー版 1 - マンガ(漫画) 大場つぐみ/小畑健(ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL):電子書籍試し読み無料 - BOOK☆WALKER -


This thread’s subject doesn’t say anything about the ongoing vote. Perhaps someone could change that?

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