Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

Ha, yeah. @Naphthalene insists I could handle it now, but I still think I’d rather until after I’ve read Kino’s Journey and one or two other books I already own.


Wait, so you’re saying that the 50 episode anime only covers the first two books?!?! That’s kind of amazing?

I’ve got the Aoi Tori bunko version, and have tried diving into it on and off, but on the back cover, they still recommended it for upper grade schoolers so it still felt a little tough for me (ahahaha). I’m really looking forward to it, but I’ve got heaps of other things to read in the meantime, so like @seanblue I’m happy to wait until I feel a bit more ready for it.

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Your JCAT score insists you can handle it now. Your reading is better than mine :eyes:

Sounds like a fluke. :joy:

Fluke or not, you are definitely in a better place than I was when I first went through it :slight_smile:
(And I guess you’ll be fine by the time you do get the time to read it)


Yeah, I should probably go through some of the 5 unread books I already own anyway. :joy:

My official plan is:

  • キノの旅 with intermediate book club.
  • 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 with intermediate book club if selected, otherwise with @QuackingShoe and whatever group they get together.
  • 霧の向こうのふしぎな町 and/or 魔法少女育成計画 on my own.

I figure that’ll probably be my book reading in 2019 give or take. That just leaves ペンギン・ハイウェイ unaccounted for, but I don’t feel like reading a longer book right now.


Uh… and?

Aria? Poor Aria.

Just talking about actual books here.


Hi! I’m interested in joining for the next challenge starting on 2.3. I was wondering, will people post in here about it or will a new thread open?


This is the thread: 少女終末旅行 Home Thread (Beginner Book Club) (Start Date: March 2nd) :slight_smile:


And just to clarify, I will create a new topic for every chapter, so look out for those!


Hey guys, I dunno how many of you use ebooks, but psa that going forward ebookjapan has merged with Yahoo! Japan and you need to use the new site ( for new registrations. A Yahoo! Japan ID is now required for new accounts.

I believe I saw that it is possible to migrate old accounts to the new site as well. This doesn’t seem to affect books that you have already purchased, only things going forward. More information on their website

More info that popped up when I opened the app for those that read via mobile:


I saw that today too. I didn’t see any new app in the Google Play store though

Today’s the day! :smiley:


If anyone migrates their eBookJapan account please tell me how. :joy:

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I was reading the FAQ and it looks like the old site will close around this spring but the ebiReader app will remain.

It also had links to the new app but I get the “incompatible with your devices” so am wondering if it’s region restricted.

There’s a lot of unfamiliar kanji and some keigo and it’s slow going for me.

Edit: opened the link in Googleplay instead of chrome
Yep, the new app is unavailable in my country. I wonder if there is even a point to migrating the account…

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@seanblue totally random question just cos I’m interested - I noticed that when we did のんのんびより you created a separate thread for each chapter, even in the same week - any particular reason you chose to make just one thread per week for 時をかける少女?

I didn’t think having two threads active at once worked that well so I wanted to experiment in the opposite direction. In the end I do think the one thread per week format worked better.

Similarly, with 魔女の宅急便 and (I’m told) はたらく魔王さま there was one thread per chapter, even when this spanned several weeks. But with キノの旅 we’re doing one thread per week, even if that means ending a week’s discussion in the middle of a chapter. I agree with @Naphthalene that this is more likely to keep the group active rather than only talking once every few weeks.


I just did mine (it’s less “migrating” and more “creating a Y!JP account and agreeing to let them copy the information over”).

I might post in a few hours with pics I took, but there are some caveats everyone should be aware of (as I understood the FAQ and emails):

  1. You need a JP postal code to register (used my one from Tenso)
  2. It can take up to an hour for the account to migrate
  3. After migration, you can no longer use the old site
  4. EbiReader can still be used for old stuff but if you delete a book from your bookshelf it cannot be restored back into EbiReader. I checked and if one is in there but you don’t have a local copy you can still download it to device though.
  5. Coupons don’t carryover, use them before. Points will (currently, there is a campaign where they convert to “T Points” with a 1.08 bonus). You can’t use these in-app, desktop only

It took about an hour for everything to populate, but as of right now I see my bookmarks and my previously purchased books (both in the desktop app and on the website). Sadly, the android app still appears region locked.

I’ve not yet tried purchasing anything (there is a coupon valid for 30 days which takes 50% off one item up to 500yen) to see if they detect region from IP address or just go off the registration postal code.

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Thank you! @OwLorenz posted a guide here: しろくまカフェ Vol 1: Absolute Beginner Book Club (Starting March 13th 2019)