Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

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I think that makes sense. We don’t want to thin it out too much if it ends up being unnecessary.

@Naphthalene I just discovered that you could use   here this morning (still not clear to me quite how the formatting works in Discourse)!

Yeah, I think there are ten, but they’re definitely pricier than manga. I’m surprised you didn’t own them already :wink:


Well, I own the entire set of Scary stories, that is quite a few books :wink:
But they where sold as a set =P

And yes, had they had a set of these I would without a doubt picked the set :wink:

I already own more than half of the nominees, but not the winners! XD

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Haha! I actually really don’t want Dragonball to win, just because I already own the chibi version instead :joy:

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Good idea, not that it matters much at this point since @Radish8 is changing the formatting tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Toyger How can you afford so many books?? :anguished: When will you ever have the time to read all of them? :laughing:

I don’t have any interest in reading shonen action manga, so I’d skip anything like Dragonball or Naruto.

Yeah, I only have the chibi version because I read about it in an article on manga for beginners way back when :stuck_out_tongue: never been read, poor thing…

I’d have a crack at Naruto because it doesn’t seem too hard, but otherwise they don’t appeal much. Though sports anime are my guilty pleasure and Haikyuu!! is one of my faves :grin: still not that interested in reading it though.

Oh, and I like the slightly altered table format with multi-lines :ok_hand:

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I started buying two years ago, so have accumulated them over a few years at least (the scary stories and fairy tales, among others, was bought almost exactly two years ago)
The others I’ve grabbed as they got popular and seem they “might win next time, so lets grab it while buying the winner to save on shipping” (but then people lost interest next round, so they never win :rofl: ) Edit: Oh! Girl who leapt through time won! I bought it AGES ago! :rofl:
And some I just bought for myself, like Chii, Naruto and Titan, suggested in hopes that people might want to join :wink:

When will I get around to read them all? Honestly, probably never! XD
I have read most of Chii at least, and hope to get around to finish all of the three manga series. The book series I’ll probably struggle too much to read alone, so wont tackle until I get more proficient, unless it wins that is =)

If I put all my unread books, any language, in one stack, and all the ones I have actually read (that I own), I’m not sure who would be bigger… but it would probably be the unread one ^^;

If I only stacked the Japanese books, well, the unread pile would tower over the read one =P
But yeah, I have a good number of English books collecting dust on the shelves too… one day… one day… one book at the time :wink:

As for how to afford… Well, there was one round I had to sit out cause I had no money at the time.
The biggest bulk of the books was bought just after an inheritance, so was a “parting gift” from my grandfather in a way.


Aye, “one at a time” is how, and that’s how they get you - suddenly you look up and you’ve got literally thousands of dollars worth of books.


Wait, did you not notice that we’ve been reading that for the last two months? :joy:

Well I just bought an entire series for the first time used, so… Still a lot more than I would have liked, and still 5 times it would cost @Naphthalene to buy from Book Off in Japan. But whatever, it was half the price of buying it new and I’m fairly certain I’ll read the whole thing. Maybe I’ll even *gasp* resell it later (but probably not :joy:).

I do feel like I need to set a budget for myself though, or I will end up spending thousands of dollars on books that I have no time to read.


I am reading along, but what I meant is I was wrong with my statement that they never win :wink:
I bought it long ago as it seemed popular (back in the intermediate group even, so before it was put as a suggestion on beginner)
It is the only book/manga I’ve bought cause it could potentially win a future vote, and then actually do (so far =) )

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Oh, that makes a lot more sense!

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I now consistently navigate to both the ‘Beginner reading material that is actually for beginners’ and the ‘Absolute Beginners Club’ threads by accident every single time I try to find this thread :sweat_smile:


@seanblue I think we should have a picture of the next book in the OP to liven it up :wink:


intermediate book club style


I may have been inspired by that :wink:


How dare you remove such a lovely feature from my time :sob: I remember adding the よつばと pic there it was lovely :heart_eyes:


This thread is bad for my wallet… Four of these are previous book club books (ordered from Japan via Amazon UK). The other two are because I had to go to London for a meeting today and had a bit of time spare, so I nipped into the Japanese bookshop near Picadilly Circus. (Where I also picked up a volume of One Punch Man for my son who is learning Japanese in school


Hate to break it to you, but you bought the wrong version of Aria. You need Aria the Masterpiece or if you wanted the original version it starts with two volumes of Aqua before going to Aria.

“Bother” said Pooh as he bought the wrong book:cry:
So if I want to follow along with the other threads I need to start with Chapter 10, which is the first chapter of Aria rather than Aqua?