Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

If I had noticed that sooner I would have just added more items D=
I paid 50, with 15 being the shipping =/

I got nr 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Annoyed they didn’t have nr 4 XD
Also, make sure to grab the Japanese version and not the Chinese, since they have both it would be easy to make that mistake =P

Apparently I’ve used them before, they had my UK address! =D
But haven’t used them since moving back to Norway it seems =)

I’m guessing you probably don’t have enough time on your hands to participate in both? If you do happen to have the time, I don’t see why you couldn’t participate in both groups. :slight_smile:

But assuming you don’t have enough time for both, I’d recommend you go with Autumn Prison if you’re already interested in reading that anyway. Since it will be a bit more challenging than our beginner group, you’d probably benefit from the other group more, I’d think. Just a suggestion!

I’d also suggest メアリと魔女の花 as an option as well, the grammar seemed easy enough for me to understand, and I’ve been struggling with other books, and from what I can tell from where I bought it, it has two versions, one with some small illustrations and furigana on all of the kanji, and one without either of those things, so if you need the furigana to help look up kanji or to read it, the option is there.

Also helpful enough the site gives you a bit of a preview into the book so people can see if they can work out the grammar.

Links to the place I bought the ebooks(doesn’t have inbuilt dictionary, but recently started taking normal debit cards and has a rewards program if you care about that kind of thing)

Version with drawings and furigana

version without.


Autumn Prison is easy enough for N5/4? Maybe I will do both groups then. More reading the better.

I’m only guessing based on beginner members finding it easy enough. I don’t know its actual level

Here’s the pool! I added all the suggestions that were given in here :slight_smile: You can vote on 2 books, but only the one with more votes will be chosen. You can see who voted what in order to avoid votes from fake accounts.

  • 時をかける少女 (The girl that leapt through time)
  • よつばと! (Totsuba and!)
  • しろくまカフェ (Shirokuma Cafe)
  • 絶叫学級 (Scary Lessons)
  • 干物妹! うまるちゃん (Himouto! Umaruchan)
  • 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • 徒然チルドレン (Tsuredure Children)
  • ダース・ヴェイダーとプリンセス・レイア (Darth Vader and Princess Leia)
  • こわくてたのしいおばけの話90
  • メアリと魔女の花 (Mary and the Witch’s Flower)

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List of the Manga:

時をかける少女 (The girl that leapt through time)
よつばと! (Totsuba and!)
しろくまカフェ (Shirokuma Cafe)
干物妹! うまるちゃん (Himouto! Umaruchan)
徒然チルドレン (Tsuredure Children)

List of novels:

絶叫学級 (Scary Lessons)
メアリと魔女の花 (Mary and the Witch’s Flower)
ダース・ヴェイダーとプリンセス・レイア (Darth Vader and Princess Leia) [Not sure if this can be considered a book or a manga. More like a super simple book with images]
魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

I think that’s right :slight_smile:


Any chance you can specify which are manga and which are books on the polls?

Could I please be added to the list! (:blush:

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Added :slight_smile:

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Only two votes! D=
Hehe, I can’t even vote for all my favorites :wink:
Think I’d be fine with just about any on the list though =^_^=

@jprspereira Perhaps we should have made a post detailing each of the suggestions before a vote, as there was a person who wasn’t sure what each of the options were.

Either way though, I picked the options I did because I already owned those books, I’m more than willing to buy something else if it’s picked. On the manga, are we reading the entire series, or by volume?

Hey, I’ll join too! :grinning:

Please write my name in the list too

I hope it will make me to study grammar

Is there any reason not to have separate book clubs for manga and light novels? Some of us aren’t really interested in Manga.

I think I could do a manga and a light novel side by side, but probably not the intermediate one as well though. Honestly don’t think I’m ready for the intermediate one anyone though…

I’ll add it to the the pool’s comment in a moment :slight_smile:

I did it this way so that you wouldn’t just be limited to 1 vote while still making a fair pool for everyone. If I had given unlimited options to vote, some people would vote on 3 or 4 while others would vote on just 1. It wouldn’t be fair.

I’ll do just that in a moment.

There’s the original book club where you’ll be able to find more normal books:

This beginner group will tend to focus more on the manga side simply because there’s more info about it then about normal child books. This isn’t on purpose. Being a book club for beginners also limits this. However, any book suggestions are always appreciated :slight_smile: There was a pool in this post and most people were okay with reading either a normal book or a manga.

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I’d like to be added. Thanks :slight_smile:

All three of you were added :slight_smile:

Oh, it was meant as a joke. Sorry if it wasn’t clear enough =^_^=
I like that we could vote for two though, so I could put one on my most wanted manga and one on my most wanted book =)

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Definitely want to participate in this. I have already read the first volume of よつばと! , is this going to be about that or the whole manga if it’s finally chosen?

I think a book club for beginners is a fantastic idea. I hope it goes well.