Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 耳をすませば

For anyone looking to read Aria the Masterpiece, but averse to physical copies, the first volume has finally released digitally:


Is Nichijou not available from Kinokuniya? I can’t seem to find it.

If I have to get a digital copy from Book Walker, can anyone tell me if the pages are a high enough resolution to zoom in clearly on the kanji? I have never bought any digital manga in Japanese, and the sample pages on Book Walker are too small for me to read from. Thanks.

just checked and they’re good enough to read the kanji with, and I can just about make out furigana, but it’s not very good quality.

flicking through, this seems to be as small as the text tends to get:

it makes me sad when they do this to us. how hard is it to just scan the thing properly? :cry:

btw, you can zoom in on the trial pages as well. I think they’re the full resolution (I can’t see the difference, personally)
Screenshot from 2021-03-31 17-37-48


thanks, that’s very helpful. though disappointing that they only provide such low resolution scans for purchase.

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There’s a new book club in town!

This is strictly speaking an Intermediate book club, but I think it could be interesting to some of the people here. It’s a book by the same author as コンビニ人間, which is considered one of the Intermediate Book Club’s easier picks. We’re also sticking to a slightly more relaxed schedule, so if you’re looking to make the jump to intermediate books this book club could be an excellent choice! There’s no time like the present for getting involved; we’re currently voting about the starting date and the book is 50% points back on Amazon.


… and another new book club just started:

The book covers a variety of topics and addresses readers with no or very basic background in computer science. It starts with a chapter related to computer history, covers technical aspects like computer architecture and networking, and introduces different use cases for computers like smart cities, digital education or health care systems.

We are planning to read one chapter per week, which makes it between 15~20 pages and seven weeks in total. Most of them are manga based. Additionally each chapter has two or three topics summarized as a small article, one or two pages per topic.


Hi everyone! I’m gonna join this reading club too - I’m already in the Absolute beginner since I like the manga that’s gonna be read starting from May - because I have this one on my shelf! Can’t wait to read with all of you :blush:


So, will this book club start tomorrow?

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It’s supposed to… I don’t see a home thread in the first post, though, so that’s a bit scary :sweat_smile:


I don’t mind making one?


I haven’t been around this thread recently, so I don’t know what was the original plan. If there was no plan and nobody replies by Sunday, then I guess it’s fair :woman_shrugging:
I’m going to tag @yukinet (who nominated the book) and @Radish8 just in case too.

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I’ve just bought Nichijou on my Kindle, so if it start tomorrow, I’m more than happy to join :smile:

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Yes, just incoming. I keep waking up at 2am and going damnnnnn I still haven’t done the home thread :sweat_smile: was actually wondering how long it would take somebody to notice… I nearly posted it last night, so now I’m sad I didn’t quite beat people to it.

I was going to beg a one-week delay to the start date to give people who didn’t have the date in their diaries already some time to consider joining, and also because I have been mentally grappling with the schedule (the chapter lengths are all over the place) and need some input. This is actually what made me not post the home thread when I should have done, and then it just got later and later…

Do people think that sounds okay, or will it be more disruptive to wait a week?


Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this book club and I am sure I’m not the only one. Happy with whatever you decide, you’re the book club pro after all :wink:


Whenever suits everybody :smiley:

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Ha, not sure I’m really deserving of that having posted the home thread six weeks late :sweat_smile:

Okay, I will post a home thread with an assumed start of next week (gotta make lunch or my partner will start glaring at me so will be in an hour or so :grin: ) and we can go from there.


Nichijou・日常 Home Thread


熱帯魚は雪に焦がれる (A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow)


Sometimes you find what you yearn for…

Konatsu is about to start a new school in a new town, and she’s basically all on her own. Her dad just got a job overseas, and her aunt can only check in from time to time. It’s a lot for a shy, reserved girl to handle. But on one of the first days of class, she discovers that the school has an aquarium! The club that runs the aquarium is headed by an older student named Koyuki, and Konatsu is instantly drawn to her. Konatsu’s introverted tendencies are hard to overcome, but maybe she’s found something worth coming out of her shell for?


Physical: Amazon
Digital: Bookwalker

Personal Opinion

I wanted to read a similar story to やがて君になる and a lot of people recommended this manga. I don’t think it has that many simularities to the before mentioned book, but is a great manga on its own. The art is absolutely stunning and it does not shy away from putting very little text on a few pages to highlight that. The characters are very likeable and the problems they deal with are relatable (even if they are a bit “blown up”).

Pros and Cons


  • Lovely art
  • As this a newer manga the scans are great
  • Furigana
  • Not to many characters
  • The last volume releases in June


  • Quite a bit of dialect


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

Have a look at the preview on bookwalker (click on the manga cover)

Difficulty Poll

How much effort would you need to read this book?

  • 1 - No effort at all
  • 2 - Minimal effort
  • 3 - Moderate effort
  • 4 - Substantial effort
  • 5 - So much effort my head might explode :exploding_head:
  • I don’t know

0 voters


We will be voting next week!

I’m going to open the vote for our next pick next Saturday (which could mean Friday or Sunday depending on where in the world I decide the time is).

Please, if you have any interest in reading along with our next pick, take a look through the nominees listed in the OP and vote on how difficult you find the samples.

You don’t have to have read a book with us before at all - the only thing I ask is that you try to rate a fair number of the nominees if you’re going to rate any at all, because the ratings are only useful as a comparative measure between options.

(Any last nominations should be submitted by Tuesday, 2021-05-18T11:00:00Z, so that people have a chance to rate them before the vote opens.)


Thanks for the heads up. I noticed that the manga I nominated is not in the OP yet. Do I have to do that myself? Not sure how the procedure is on that front.