Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 神さまがまちガえる

Thank you! I look forward to reading with everyone!

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Just want to say I LOVE this idea, and that’s coming from someone who’s never been in a book club before. Unfortunately I’m not going to be skilled enough to join in on this for some time, but I’ve got this thread bookmarked for later when I’m ripe for the reading! :smiley:

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I’d like to join too. I’m not sure what that means but I had never heard of よつばと! and decided to read it. Pleasantly surprised that I could read it without a dictionary (I did check about half a dozen words.) I ordered the set from Amazon. Thanks for letting us know about it. My daughter (8) is enjoying it too.

Man, that game has some awesome box art! (魔女の宅急便)

Just double-checking… So I can just order off JP Amazon and get this? And I can log in with my US Amazon Prime account? (I’d like to hear first hand, because this is the kind of stuff that’s subject to change at any time!)

You need a separate account for Amazon JP and you will not have Prime there unless you buy Prime again from Amazon JP.

That was also a personal experience with international shipping, results may vary.

The previous poster is right though, you need a new account, and your prime will not carry over, or really do anything honestly.

This seems cool, could I please be added to the list with no symbol? :slight_smile:

I just added you. Welcome to the club!

Hi there, I just found you guys but I actually have the book sitting on my shelf. I have a bit of catch up to do (and I’m not very good) but this feels like the right reason to start reading. Can I be added to the list?

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Added! :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you!

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Hi guys, what WK level do you guys think I should achieve first before reading with y’all?

Hi SjoerdO
It probably depends on your Japanese language knowledge (much more than kanji).
Although this is nominally the “beginners” book club, I think it has proved more challenging than most beginners anticipated, particularly after the previous book (one of the Yotsubata series). I think it might be more at an intermediate level than a beginner’s book.
Much of our conversation revolves around unclear grammar points and confusing colloquial language.
Having said that, it is an enjoyable read, and the group is small but helpful and supportive. :grin:
Much of the vocab is in a spreadsheet updated by some of the group members, so you don’t have to look everything up yourself.

Sorry about the quality, but this is a photo of the first page of the book, just to give you an idea of the amount of kanji involved. Hope this helps!

Thanks Kyasurin, that is very helpful.

Seeing the pictures, I probably stick to my reviews for a little longer before joining you :wink:

My eyes! I couldn’t imagine writing in a book like that!

It definitely has. I’m going to need a break after this one. Either a much easier manga/book or I might just skip the next one if it’s another long, challenging book.

Sean are you a librarian in real life? :joy:
It’s all in the best quality pencil! And it makes it so much easier to re-read!

I think my OCD gets the better of me sometimes to my detriment. :sweat_smile:

When do we want to open up nominations for the next book? We’re about halfway through Kiki, so it might be a bit early, but I was curious if anyway had an opinion on this.

I don’t mind when, but I do think we need to find something which is more aimed at beginners to bridge the gap between manga and what we’re reading now. I like how in the intermediate thread someone posted pictures of the first page of several books, to give some idea of what it might be like.
So I guess casting around for ideas could start any time!