Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 神さまがまちガえる

According to 進撃の巨人 (1) | L28 it is slightly easier than death note yes. Putting Death Note in the beginner book club was a bit of a mistake though. It would have been a better choice to put it in the intermediate book club.


Oh I see, then, I imagine it’s out of my level
I’m currently getting used to the manga Takagi-san which is in the ABBC and can read it quite comfortably now but I’m scared of more difficult mangas with different fonts and handwritten stuff


Sounds like a good long term goal to work towards! For future reference is a good place to get a first idea of what kind of difficulty bracket the manga falls into. It can also make sense to just have a quick look at a preview online (here is the Bookwalker Preview for AoT for example). Sometimes you get a false sense of security and other times it might be much harder in the beginning, because of the exposition dump, but short of buying the manga, it is probably the best way of seeing if it is something you think you can do!

If you try something that you think might be above your level it is important to remember that it is okay to stop and come back a couple months later and try again!


About the website natively, I already knew this but if I remember good Death Note is listed at lv32 and seeing it here got me a bit surprised, so I decided to ask here.
About the preview, I’ve been trying to find a reliable Japanese one without success, thanks! Is that bookwalker website good to get manga previews?

Thanks for your advice, that’s what I’m going to do, even tho I’m not sure how difficult is too difficult :thinking:
Also, I was surprised to see that there’s not an AoT book club since the series is so famous! Has it ever been named in the selection?


Not sure if it has been nominated. It falls into this wierd middle ground. It is a Manga (which are rare in intermediate club land), that with the speed of the intermediate club 1 volume would be finished really fast. But since it is one of the more complicated Manga it is probably a little too hard/uncomfortable for the Beginner Club.

There were only 2 manga in the intermediate club as far as I recall. One being finished in 4 weeks the other in 5 weeks. Both L29 on Natively. So it would probably be possible for it to be nominated. It would be a short read with the next book being decided at the same time if it would be picked.
Currently there are also 3 other manga in the nominations list.

If you feel adventourous feel free to nominate it in the Intermediate Club thread. Even if it is selected, given the Spy x Family and Tsugumi backlog it would be read the fastest starting in October. So by then it might be in your ball game ^^

EDIT: There’s also always the option to do an independent bookclub with any pace you’d like.


Are you referring to something in particular (like story or anything else) or just basing on the general difficulty of reading?

To be honest, not at all :skull: but in the future I may find some courage

This is a nice option (as long as there is some following)


Generally speaking, stories set in a complex fantasy or sci-fi world will be more complicated from vocab usage alone. Attack on Titan is bound to have a lot of military vocab, both real and made up, which could make it more complicated.

I have not read the manga by the way, just giving my general take.


I see, but for me niche vocabs won’t be an additional problem since I don’t know any in either case :rofl:


You’d be surprised… You’ve probably picked up more words reading Takagi-san than you realize, and as a percentage you’re bound to know much less in Attack on Titan than in Takagi-san. (I don’t have stats on number of unique words per volume or anything like that though.)


By the way, if you exclude temporary ratings from Natively, Death Note is on page 1/12 and Attack on Titan is on page 2/12 in terms of difficulty. So while levels 29 and even 32 are on the low to average side for book difficulty, for manga they are quite difficult. (Though of course there could be bias in what manga have been added to Natively so far.)


Right, probably I learnt much more than I realize at the moment, AoT would be totally new under every aspect,
In takagi-san I’m already struggling when a new character gets introduced :exploding_head:


Hoping in that bias so hard :crossed_fingers: if the first couple of regular pages take more than one day, I’ll set it aside (I begun with 1-2 pages a day with takagi-san)


I didn’t recognize you right away since you changed the avatar …

don’t jump into the deep end too fast…though if you wanted something more challenging this book isn’t bad…Kiki’s (though not my fav)…has had 2 book clubs so that info is already there… the upside if you buy something you can’t read…it only means can’t read yet!!! :wink: you can always come back to it.


Me neither, I keep thinking ‘who’s this message from… oh, it’s me’

I will give it a check, but as a second choice I didn’t look at the difficulty (maybe I should have had😅), I only picked the manga basing on one of my favorite series… if it’s for real this much difficult as I’m intending, I’ll probably lower the challenge and try to still chose between things I liked the anime version… something that should be drastically easier and yet offer me a solid +1 level of difficulty should be my dress-up darling, I heard… since I liked the anime I could go with that!

Now that I mention it, I’ll do my research on it but again if someone has experience with it, please suggest!

Right, since I already bought volume 1 and 2! It will be a nice mid term goal to look forward :laughing:


I assume someone have suggested it, but if you look through the Master List of Book Clubs, you might find something you’ve watched as anime and enjoyed that have already been covered by the clubs. It is a good way to be able to push into more difficult stuff as I’m sure you know from using the Takagi threads.

And if AoT turns out to be too difficult right now, well you’re not the only one who’s bough stuff waaaay ahead of when they will be able to read it. I brought the Rurouni Kenshin manga before I’d read much at all, and that one is rated as level 35 on Natively vs AoT measly 29. :joy:

I think Kenshin is probably still about 2 years in my future, or maybe 1,5 years. And I bought it in 2020. (I haven’t studied nor read for most of the time since buying it though. Took about a year and a half off, so only advanced like 6 months since buying it. So not as bad as it seems. :joy: )


I wouldn’t be able to wait for so long, if I love so much the series I’d rather jump in anyway and make my way bit by bit :joy:

Thanks for the link, I didn’t know there was such a thread where all the book clubs are listed, useful!


I own a lot of other series that I want to read too. I’m a book shopaholic or book collector, so I can wait with the harder ones until later. :joy:


I’m willing to throw my hat into the ring on this one. Should I somehow manage to beat out all the competition hoping to run the club, it’d then be a simple segue into running 耳をすませば thereafter.

By the way, is there any guidance or best practice on when to create a home thread for 耳をすませば?
One month before the start date?

How much of a break will there be between Shadows House and 耳をすませば? One week? Or no break?

I’m not familiar with protocol when there are two picks.


Because now one said anything I had already put the home thread up and decided to do it myself, but if you want you can take over!

Usually we have a week break. Between 夜カフェ and Shadows House I removed the break because the last week in 夜カフェ is mostly only the afterword. So 耳をすませば would start on the 10th September.


Just a reminder: URLs in the OP should be in the form, not Note the x that should be included. When the x is missing sometimes it acts weird and in the past it has completely broken, so it’s safer to include it. I’m mentioning again because I noticed some URLs in the OP were missing the x.