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Poll for the Third Book

Alright, time for the next poll since Kiki’s Delivery Service will be done on June 9th. I’m including all of the previous nominees (other than Yotsubato and Kiki’s Delivery Service), plus the new nominees. See the first post for a link to the pitches for each book, and links for buying them on Amazon.

Vote for as many entries as you want. I’ll keep the poll open for two weeks (until May 6th) unless there are objections to that time frame.

  • しろくまカフェ (Manga)
  • 干物妹! うまるちゃん - Himouto! Umaruchan (Manga)
  • ダース・ヴェイダーとプリンセス・レイア (Manga)
  • 徒然チルドレン - Tsuredure Children (Manga)
  • チーズスイートホーム (Manga)
  • ヒカルの碁 (Manga)
  • ホリミヤ (Manga)
  • Barレモン・ハート (Manga)
  • ご注文はうさぎですか?- Is the Order a Rabbit? (Manga)
  • ARIA 完全版 (Aria The Masterpiece / Aqua) (Manga)
  • メアリと魔女の花 - Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Book)
  • マジック・ツリーハウス第1巻恐竜の谷の大冒険 (Book)
  • こわくてたのしいおばけの話90 (Book)
  • 絶叫学級 - Scary Lessons (Book)
  • 時をかける少女 - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Book)
  • キッチン (Book)

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