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Natively: 気になってる人が男じゃなかった 1 | L24





Aya is a high school student who is captivated by the mysterious “Onii-san” who works at a CD store. The real “Onii-san” is actually Mitsuki, a girl in her class with whom she had never spoken to before.


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Personal Opinion

This manga is one of the most enjoyable manga I’ve read in recent memory, to the point that I randomly open it on my tablet to reread random sections. It has a unique aesthetic with light green coloring and bite-sized 4 page chapters, which work surprisingly well.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun manga with unique aesthetic
  • 4 page chapters work surprisingly well and will make it easier to break into weekly assignments
  • Available for free (except the 20-30 pages of bonus content) if you feel like dealing with Twitter


  • Little furigana with occasional harder kanji
  • Some slang


You can check out the preview on any of the above sites or check out random pages (spoilers possible) on the author’s Twitter account.

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