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Skip and Loafer (スキップとローファー)


Natively: Level 24


Excellent student Iwakura Mitsumi has always dreamt about leaving her small town, going to a prestigious university, and making positive change in the world. But she’s so focused on reaching her goals that she’s not prepared for the very different (and overwhelming) city life that awaits her in a Tokyo high school. Luckily, she makes fast friends with Shima Sousuke, a handsome classmate who’s as laid-back as she is over-prepared. Can this naive country girl make it big in Tokyo with Sousuke by her side?


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Personal Opinion

I read this last October on a whim when I came across it during my time in Japan. It is a relaxed look at a girl from the countryside coming to the city. The main character is refreshingly not the most beautiful human on the planet and she has an infectious deadpan humor. For me this is the very concept of a “light read” that does not demand to much brain space.

Pros and Cons


  • Down to earth story
  • Good level for this club
  • Getting an anime in spring


  • No furigana


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