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My first time making a proposal so I’m also not so sure about the difficulty, let me know if this one seems too hard for here and I’ll move it.

Deep Sea Aquarium MagMell







(No official one so my rough translation)
An aquarium opens 200 meters deep in the Tokyo Bay!!
“Deep Sea Aquarium MagMell” is the world’s only aquarium where you can observe wild deep- sea creatures from a close proximity. Tenjo Kotaro, who works part-time there as a cleaner, is a bit of an introverted young man who loves deep-sea creatures. One day, through meeting the aquarium director Osezaki Minato, a change arrives in his life—


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Personal Opinion

I think the setting of an aquarium in the deep sea where you can directly see creatures that are usually impossible to see is really interesting. So far from my reading it’s a nice slice of life where we get to see the life and growth of the protagonist and the people around him as they interact with creatures from the deep sea. I also don’t think the language itself is too hard aside from the occasional explanation about the creatures, and the lack of furigana.

Pros and Cons


  • Some amount of conclusion for each chapter so can enjoy even if people want to just read one volume
  • 8 volumes and some underlying story lines so potential for offshoot
  • Slice of life with an interesting setting
  • Learn about lots of interesting deep-sea creatures


  • No Furigana
  • Some aquarium/marine life specific vocab
  • Sea creature names all long strings of katakana (a pro if you want to practice katakana reading)


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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