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A 4-koma gag manga that revolves around the life of a first-year grade school girl genius, Hatsume, and her inventor father, along with her invention; a robot box named “Hako.”



Personal Opinion

I think it has a great balance between being pretty easy and enjoyable to read (the gags made me chuckle out loud). It combines elements of Yotsubato (a young girl whose misunderstandings often lead to hilarity) and Nichijou (a precocious inventor with a penchant for useless inventions). The language is very approachable: slice-of-life vocab and relatively short sentences. The chapters are also quite short, so reading it has felt like a bit of a snack :grin:

Pros and Cons


  • Furigana
  • Vocab is slice-of-lifey
  • Relatively short sentences (the main character is a kid, after all)
  • Pretty funny (in my opinion, at least :grin:)
  • Finished series, only 6 volumes, so a potential off-shoot club wouldn’t go on forever


  • Individual stories instead of an overarching plot (which could also be a pro to some)
  • For those who like a more realistic style, the art might be a bit too simplistic
  • The occasional pun might require some collective sleuthing


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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