Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

This sounds like fun! I’m in! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any idea when we can start reading?

Estimated delivery Oct 06, 2017 - Oct 20, 2017
I see several with similar estimates. So maybe November 1st to give everyone a chance to get it?

This is only on first book. Second book will be chosen while we still have time left on the first, so we can order it and have it ready by the time we finish the first one =)

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How is it that some people can and others can‘t edit the main post?

Is offering something else now than EMS shipping? If not I would suggest using CDjapan. Good service, fast shipping and much cheaper SAL shipping available.

When you first join the forum you have to be active to gain the next rank (from Basic to Member), which allows editing wiki posts.
It is gained fairly easy simply by being active, and is unrelated to wanikani level.


First book is Yotsuba? Excellent, was planning on reading that anyway.

Expect me to be slow, but I may give this a shot.


I just ordered Yotsuba&! from yesterday (using the link @jprspereira provided above) and I got a notification this morning telling me it will be delivered on Thursday. (with the “normal” shipping, I didn’t pay any extra for a faster speed) So I’m wondering why some are saying they won’t get theirs until mid- or end of October?

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I’m not sure, either. I also get them quick from JP Amazon and I live in friggin’ Puerto Rico.


For “normal” shipping on amazon I have to pay for DHL express delivery to my door, no other option. So I went eBay instead cause it cost too much. On eBay I got the whole set of 13 for 500 Nok, free shipping (38 per book). On Amazon it cost me 150 Nok for just one.

Mine is coming DHL. It was the cheapest option. $8

I thought that was reasonable since it’s coming from Japan and only taking a couple days.

Do you typically have it shipped elsewhere? :thinking:

The book itself cost 45 Nok, shipping the rest. So paying twice as much as the item in shipping is just too harsh when there are better options.

And yeah, I get most of my mail in the mailbox, or at my post office. I actually dislike DHL cause they don’t know how to ring the doorbell… and charge me for “not being home” when I was. Especially when you stayed in all day to wait for them, not even walking the dogs in fear of missing them… -_-
Safe to say I have more bad experiences than good with DHL and highly dislike being forced to use them

No idea what a Nok is so I’ll just take your word for it. :yum: The book plus shipping came to $15. That is a bit much for a single volume of manga, I’ll admit, but I don’t intend to order too many books this way so I didn’t mind too much.

I was mildly annoyed at first when I saw that I’d need to sign for it, but I just went in and changed it so that I don’t have to be home or sign when they deliver it.

Nok is Norwegian currency. But you can clearly see the price difference without knowing what it translates to in US Dollars.

I have tried going in and say “release without a signature” in the past, just doesn’t work…

Oh no… I hope I don’t have that problem.

I’ve only had DHL deliver to me like… once before so I’m not sure what they will do. Ugh.

For me (US), orders delivered via DHL seems to be automatically set to deliver without a signature. I never specified either way and they delivered it as “no signature required” both times.

ETA: Not sure if that has something to do with the way my building handles mail, though, or if it’s an area-specific thing.

Mine said “a signature may be required”. I’m pretty sure it would’ve required one if I didn’t go in and change it. (And according to Toyger, they may still want one for some reason. I hope not, I’ll be at work most likely.)

Maybe it also has to do with the seller? (Not all things on Amazon are actually sold by Amazon.) shrug

It might also be my local DHL drivers being assholes. Cause as I mentioned they don’t always bother to ring the doorbell even, and try charge for a second attempt if I don’t dispute it =/
I’ve also tried changing dates, they still came on the original day even though I had changed it and forced me to hurry home so not to be double charged again.


Just ordered よつばと!volumes 1-3 from, they should be here next week! Looking forward to (miserably fail at) reading them with you all!


It always says that on mine, too :woman_shrugging: It may definitely depend on the shipper, but I’m pretty sure all mine were sold directly by Amazon Japan (I tend not to buy from 3rd party merchants on Amazon unless that’s the only available way to get something). But it may be that they just left it because I live in an apartment building where /someone/ is usually there to receive packages. I don’t really know.

Honestly, I don’t like DHL either, but for other reasons :yum: I think the level of service you get depends highly on where you live and what branch it goes through.

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I’d like to join the club if it’s still open to do so! Have the book already lol.

lol, when do we start ? :smiley: