Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

I guess once we are half way or more we can make a poll about what to do next; Continue with Yotsubato! or start a new (as the only options, if new we make a poll of new)

Also, we should start fairly low and adjust depending on how people are doing =)


Please add me to the book club. This happens to be one of the few manga that I already own, so this is great! I’ve tried reading the first few pages a few times and felt like I missed quite a bit, so hopefully this will help.

Thanks a lot!

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I wasn’t planning on participating in both book clubs, but since you’ve decided on Yotsuba, and I have volume 1 digitally already (and will eventually get physical copies of 1-4 in the mail), and I was reading Yotsuba on my own (slowly) anyway (slowly as in, I barely touch it? But I read a lot when I do read it.)… I think I’ll join for now - at least until the other group begins reading Autumn Prison. (I don’t expect I’ll be able to keep up with them if I’m reading this, too.)

As far as amount to read… Since I’m already done the first chapter and have poked around the later chapters a bit… I think I’ll refrain from voting and just go along with whatever consensus is reached. Is that okay?

: D


Since you have read parts of it already you could always put in a vote on what you think is the right amount to do per week based on your experience with it =)

Well, my experience with Yotsuba is a bit strange… I started reading somewhere halfway through chapter 1 - aloud - in hinekidori’s old mumble server. Then some other chapter months later, about the air conditioner… Then about a year ago I began reading on my own, only got 10 or so pages in… but then in January and again in April, I read a lot while my parents were driving me on the highways in Michigan (as well as on the bus down to visit them)… Pretty quickly too, I might add… and a reasonable number of pages. For those done in the car with only my JED on my phone, I’m not sure of my translation 100% (as I was with the initial pages before), but I felt reasonably confident that I got the gist, at the very least. Wish I could better remember where I left off - since I don’t, I’m sort of re-reading to find my place again?

The thing is, with most of Genki I (finished up to Lesson 10) under your belt and about level 15 WK, and looking up anywhere from 20-50% of vocab and some hiragana grammar stuff per page (depending on the page) I do believe 10 pages a night is very doable - however, that depends on everyone’s amount of time they can spare in life, and so on. If there’s only one night a week they can work on it, 20 pages a week sounds completely reasonable. The first time I was reading (aloud) with hine-senpai, I was something like WK level 4, and hadn’t looked at Genki almost at all… (or maybe not yet!)… and I basically understood nothing, grammar-wise, aside from simple informal phrases I recognized from my many years of Japanese listening (*ahemanimewatchingcough*) experience. Having access to a good dictionary app on your phone certainly speeds things up. If most people can read it 2-3 nights a week, then 30-35 pages a week would be more than reasonable. The members who are at slightly higher reading levels could likely complete that all in one go, and then be available to help with translation/grammar.

So, anywhere from 20-30 pages a week is probably what I would recommend, seeing some of the lower levels of this group - at least for the first chapter of volume 1 (which is 50+ pages - whoever said that is correct). Then we could speed it up and add another 10-20 pages in the subsequent weeks.

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Since I’m already a few volumes in, I plan to focus on reading something else until this group gets a bit further, assuming successive volumes follow, but I’ll participate in grammar breakdowns and the like along the way. There are some sentences I had to gloss over myself and some grammar rules I’m sure it would be helpful to understand more thoroughly.

I should add that I intend to re-read with the group, in order to make sure my understanding is good (and so I know where you guys are), while likely still continuing ahead in my own strange, somewhat rushed, sometimes in-depth, way myself… if I ever find my place. Or if the club catches up to where I was. XD

@fl0rm - I think right now it’s more likely that the next book will not be the next volume, but rather a book… from what I gathered reading the last 120 posts or so.

I went and got Yotsuba today, after accidentally buying it in english on a site, I got the japanese version.

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Just ordered the book, and it should arrive within a week. So looking forward to joining you guys in reading this!

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Where’s everyone mainly ordering from? I checked the OP and on Amazon + a few other sites, but it seems like I’ll either be stuck getting it mid/late October (not sure when we’re starting) or with an obnoxious shipping fee. (Shipping to US)

Please add me to the group! Thank you :grin:

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I have never participated in a book club, but Yotsubato! sounds like a fun little manga to read.
I will probably buy it today or tomorrow at a Book Off.

Can you also add me to the list please? is usually the cheapest for me (Sweden). Books cost a bit less, shipping a bit more, though they always arrive within a few days.

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btw, I saw the first few pages from the JP Amazon page and… dear god that dad is a fox.

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I’m going be in both book reading groups.

I just purchased よつばと! Volume 1, it’s on the way. Do we have a start date. I didn’t see one.

Not yet…

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Can you add me to the list of readers if Yotsuba gets chosen? I have the book and I would be happy to read along :slight_smile:

Perf, just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. Mine should arrive in mid october. In the mean time I’m starting 秋の牢獄 because it just came today. YAY!


According to the list, very few people have the book so far.

I don’t have it either Oct 15-31 it should arrive though!