Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

You can also see sample pages here:
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How about this?!

I feel like you could also advertise it in the Cat club thread and/or the cat appreciation thread :thinking:


Great idea! Thank you!

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Oh, so it does. I was looking in the wrong place…


@Radish8 @Toyger So I want to figure out what options to include for the participation poll in each chapter thread. So far we have:

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m catching up / I’m catching up on a previous chapter (which wording is better?)
  • I’m sitting out (is there another way to put this?)

I’m not against including the “necro” option as @Radish8 put it, but I’m not sure how to word that option to not be confusing to people reading now with the book club.

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Perhaps the one for the first chapter should be a little different. How about:

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m sitting this book out
  • I am from the future and am reading this after the book club but using these threads to help
  • I’m not even in this book club but I like clicking on polls

That seems like it gives you the information you want, without getting weird results in future or confusing people about what they should pick.

I’m struggling to work out the best options for subsequent chapters though. Something like this would let people participating currently provide the most sensible status updates:

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m still reading the book but I haven’t reached this chapter yet / I reached it after the scheduled date
  • I don’t think I’m going to continue reading this book

I think you could just make it clear that those polls are for people reading along currently with the book club, because that’s who we want to know about (I think?!).
Maybe there could be a poll for the last chapter or in the main thread at the end where people could indicate if they made it to the end of the book regardless of when they did it, and if not where they dropped it, but I don’t know how much uptake you’d get from people who dropped it.


I’m from the future, and this is the only time period in which Aria is known to exist.


Maybe we shouldn’t bother accounting for people who come after the book club is done. It makes it too confusing. I could always just close the polls after the entire book is done (that way people who are slightly behind can still set themselves in the poll).

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m still reading the book but I haven’t reached this chapter yet
  • I’m no longer reading the book

Yeah, I also think it makes it confusing. Closing the polls at the end is a good idea (maybe not right away, so that people who are behind have time to catch up).

I was suggesting a different one for the first chapter because the standard poll doesn’t make a lot of sense for the first chapter - how can you be reading the book but behind on the first chapter, or “no longer” reading the book?
If you’re going to have a different poll anyway it might be nice to have an option to see whether people continue to use the threads after the fact, but I think having a separate poll for that after the book is finished would be less confusing anyway.

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We should keep a “I just like to click things” as an option in all polls, as a good amount of users have been “broken” by the poll thread, we always have to click on every poll no mater what :wink:

On the last one there should be a poll that stays open all time, with one option for those who finished, and other option could be “I tried, but didn’t make it” or something to that effect. And keep it open so people who finish in the future can put their vote in too =)
But I agree on closing all the earlier chapter polls, who are there to see who is still active when we do them =)


Alright I think this should work.

Chapter 1:

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m planning to catch up later
  • I’m skipping this book

All other chapters:

  • I’m reading along
  • I’m still reading the book but I haven’t reached this chapter yet
  • I’m no longer reading the book
  • I’m skipping this book

@Toyger I hope the “I’m skipping this book” option is enough for the poll-obsessed people. And I think a separate poll to indicate who finished in the last chapter thread or the home thread is a good idea.


I do agree, Skipping is a viable option for those who just want to vote =)

Also, I like the wording and options. Well put =)

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I just finished reading the first volume of ご注文はうさぎですか, one of my nominations for the book club. It was pretty entertaining overall, but there was a lot that I didn’t understand. I would love to reread it with the group at some point so I can ask all my questions! :smile:


Just wanted to ask, when will the next book be chosen?

We haven’t discussed it yet, but I was just thinking about it yesterday actually. To make sure everyone has enough time to get the next book I think we should start the next poll around July 21st. If everyone is okay with that timeline, we’d know the next book by July 28th and start reading it one week after Aria is finished on September 1st (so everyone can have a one week break).

Right now there’s only three nominations, so this would also give everyone another month to nominate more manga/books using the template in the first post (hint hint nudge nudge @fl0rm).


I feel like someone ought to re-nominate Shirokuma Cafe and Hikaru no Go, because they’re so frequently recommended for beginners (I seem to remember someone saying Shirokuma was if anything a little easier than Yotsuba thanks to a lower frequency of slang/colloquialisms?).

I don’t have or know anything about either though, so I don’t really feel I can myself :sweat_smile: anyone have a copy?!

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If we wanted to resurrect Horimiya, we could always try the webcomic version, though that’s hand-lettered and quite lacking in furigana…

As long as the post includes pictures/screenshots and a poll for people to judge difficulty, we can basically nominate anything.

Personally I have no interest in Hikaru no Go, and Shirokuma Cafe would be way too easy, so I won’t be nominating them.

Ah, I didn’t realise Shirokuma Cafe was that easy. Wikipedia suggests it relies heavily on Japanese wordplay too, which might make it difficult to understand any of the jokes while still being too easy to actually read.

I’ll look into Hikaru no Go then. Although, I thought it was like a sports series but it looks more supernatural, so maybe I’m not interested either :thinking: