Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

I think I made my first poll this month! I’ve been a member since February =P
And yes, I am an addict! :joy_cat:


Whether or not I can catch up depends entirely on how many weeks the first chapter runs for.

If we want to start the tenth, people without their copy yet can read the first 2+ chapters using the free sample from either Amazon or ebook japan.


Probably good to link those sample chapters in the first post of the other topic for the book.

The links are already there under “where to buy”, user would just have to go to the Amazon/ebookjapan page and request the free sample

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2 Chapters?! That does make a huge difference. We could technically begin the third then, we will not be past that till at least after 17th or possibly more depending on size and speed. (I don’t remember if they are among the “divide in to more weeks” chapters. Though we can always do it on purpose for a nice slow start =) )

What do people think?

  • I’m ready to start on 3rd
  • I can use the free online chapters, ready to start on the 3rd
  • I wish to wait till I have my book, to at least 10th
  • I feel like waiting to the 10th even though I have the book

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I’d like to read along (I do have a copy of the book), but I’m worried my grammar is insufficient. Do you guys still think it’s worth trying?

Yes, keep studying grammar, ask about grammar you don’t understand, and it will be easier to remember because you’ll have more context.

I think we can call it! The tenth it is! I love polls, it is the quickest way to get a good overview =)
Now the question is, is the tenth late enough?

  • Yes, start on the 10th
  • No, I want a later start date (like 17th)

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I would totally recommend you to do it.
I am reading the intermediate book, although at a much slower pace than the rest of the people. I don’t actively participate in the discussion because my level is still insufficient, but having the thread with all the people asking and answering has helped me big time not only to understand the book, but understand some grammar points the other participants have explained.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I think I’ll try this book and see how much of a learning experience I can make it.

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So it seems like December 10th will be the start date and a majority of people wanted to do a separate thread per chapter, so I renamed the original discussion thread to the 魔女の宅急便 Home Thread and added a “discussion threads” section where we can compile links to the threads for each chapter as we go and have them accessible in the same place :slight_smile:


I tried reading the first chapter of the intermediate book club with little success, hopefully i can keep up with this one ahaha

Hey all, I’m not sure if it’s too late to sign up for this! I haven’t read anything yet at all, but would be interested in doing the readalong. Are the latest polls for when to start on the very first volume of よつば or for a later volume?

We have finished reading よつばと! volume 1 and may read volume 2 at some point in the future. The polls are for our next book, 魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service).

Anyone can join to read any of the books at any time.


Also, If you have よつばと and you still want to read it, don’t be afraid to post on the discussion thread for it!


Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

Edit: @MissMisc can you put me down for Kiki’s Delivery service? I’m going to order it tonight!


Hi folks! Relatively new to WK and definitely still very much a beginner in all ways, but I picked up the book on a lark and will hopefully be reading along with y’all.


Hello, I just got the book and would like to join the club.

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Yay! My book arrived today! Looking forward to it.