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Pretty sure not at the same time, I don’t see an option for multiple accounts. You’d have to deregister your original Amazon account from the app and re-login with the Japanese one.

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I wanted to do something similar and from what I could tell you can’t have both simultaneously. You can deregister and log in with the other account back and forth, but not stay logged in. Every time you deregister it also deletes your downloaded content. I had an old kindle fire that I wasn’t really using anymore and experimented with that. When I just deregistered, it worked for getting books, but not apps as the app store was still linked to my .com account. In the end, I had to reset to factory settings and log in with my account for all to work properly. Works seamlessly now. The Kindle Fire specifically won’t let you add dictionaries as the e-ink readers do though so no Japanese to English built-in dictionary. It does have built-in Bing translation which works for words or short phrases. It is easy to copy and paste into other apps also. If just using a Kindle app on another device or computer it’s as simple as deregister and log in, but again don’t get both at the same time. The other option would be to use a different service from Amazon just for Japanese books.

In my region Kiki seems to be region locked on amazon anyway. When I tried to send a free sample it said the book was not available due to licensing restrictions. Not sure if it’s the same for the US.

Are we doing one chapter a week for Kiki as well or will the pace be different?

thanks for letting me know!

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You have to have an address in Japan registered to the account. You can use a delivery forwarding service address.

try ebook japan

also, it’s half price (280円)
oh and you can read a sample on the browser with this button

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I sure hope not, unless the chapters are like 5 pages.

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After looking at the chapters I don’t think we can do that because there is a lot of variation. For example the 1st one is pretty short at 4 pages but the 3rd one is the longest with 24 (if my calculations are right).

In case it is useful:

Chapter 1 - 4 Pages
Chapter 2 - 9 Pages
Chapter 3 - 24 Pages
Chapter 4 - 18 Pages
Chapter 5 - 14 Pages
Chapter 6 - 17 Pages
Chapter 7 - 18 Pages
Chapter 8 - 13 Pages
Chapter 9 - 12 Pages
Chapter 10 - 12 Pages
Chapter 11 - 16 Pages


We’ll probably have to have longer periods for the long chapters, but we’d still want to break it up by chapter.

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If it looks like it’s getting too long, you could just do half the book, then do a manga, then come back and do the other half.

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It’s tough though. Let’s say you do a chapter at a time and you do a week per 10 pages (with some rounding) for the current chapter. That would result in something like this:

Chapter 1 - 4 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 2 - 9 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 3 - 24 Pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 4 - 18 Pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 5 - 14 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 6 - 17 Pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 7 - 18 Pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 8 - 13 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 9 - 12 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 10 - 12 Pages - 1 week
Chapter 11 - 16 Pages - 2 weeks

That’s still 16 weeks, which is a very long time considering that Yotsuba was done in 8. And that pace might be rushed for a few of the chapters.


It sounds scary until you realize it is about 1.5 pages a day on average. That isn’t bad.
And we can always adjust the speed as we go =)
Also like that there is a soft start :wink:

I think this pace is acceptable.
It is to be expected that a book takes a lot longer than a manga, and from what I’ve seen in the intermediate book club that number of weeks is fine.

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16 weeks is fine for a novel. The best part is that it means 16 weeks of Wanikani progression (8/9 levels at my 2 weeks per level pace) + more actual reading practice.
That’s a time span that makes progress noticable between the 1st page and the last page of the book.

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よつばと! has 208 pages so reading it over eight weeks means we’re reading an average of 26 pages a week. RMOD considers 1 novel page to be equivalent to 5 manga pages. So a rate of 10 pages of 魔女の宅急便 per week is a little less than twice our current rate.

That seems reasonable to me but I think it depends on how many people plan on reading this even though it’s a stretch for them difficulty-wise.

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Sorry for being off-topic or if someone mentioned it before, but I just found out that there is a web-panel manga version of Tsuredure Children available online for free on the creator’s website -

I’ve seen many people in this thread wanting to read it, so I though it might be a good idea to point this out. Seems like a convenient way to try it out.

The stories are relatively small and easy to read. You can use the sidebar list to make sure you’re reading them in the right order.


By the way, I took the number of pages from my digital edition, can someone with a physical copy please compare them?

Seems like the hard copies have more pages per chapter. (Or maybe just the furigana edition does? The digital version was non-furigana, right?)
Page counts for the furigana edition Kiki (red cover) - excluding pages that are only pictures.

Chapter 1 - 7 pages
Chapter 2 - 13 pages
Chapter 3 - 37 pages
Chapter 4 - 27 pages
Chapter 5 - 24 pages
Chapter 6 - 26 pages
Chapter 7 - 26 pages
Chapter 8 - 22 pages
Chapter 9 - 20 pages
Chapter 10 - 18 pages
Chapter 11 - 25 pages


Thanks. I think these counts are better. It is better to compare the easy version of the book with an easy manga. So then the schedule would be:

Chapter 1 - 7 pages - 1 week
Chapter 2 - 13 pages - 1 week
Chapter 3 - 37 pages - 4 weeks
Chapter 4 - 27 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 5 - 24 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 6 - 26 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 7 - 26 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 8 - 22 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 9 - 20 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 10 - 18 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 11 - 25 pages - 3 weeks

Total: 26 weeks

Yes this is a long time. But reading an easy novel is really very much harder than reading an easy manga. If people want to go faster I think the idea of splitting groups should be revisited (honestly that makes sense to me but as someone almost intermediate level who enjoys reading manga, it’s not something that I personally care about so I’m not going to tell other people they should).

ETA: and if we’re alternating books and manga, I think it would make sense to do two or three manga in between each book.