Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

I am seriously interested in folklore and fairy tales, so I really hope the collection wins!!


And I think it should be winning at this point, if it wasn’t for the two strange accounts.
I just removed my own vote on Hanako to balance things out a bit, but I hope the situation will get clarified soon-ish.


I hope it will win since it’s the one that got immediately my attention! May I ask you if there’s any particular edition you suggest?

I found the one in the link below, but I’m not sure if it’s fine! Thank you in advance~

Amazon Jp

This new accounts voting problem reminded me of How to Set Up Email Notifications for the Forum thread, because it is focused on inviting people who aren’t using WaniKani to the book clubs.

So technically it is possible for someone to vote with completely new account, because they got info about book clubs from someone else. Or were lurking until now, after all, this section is visible for anyone without logging in, and decided to create an account for the vote. :woman_shrugging:

But I also don’t like how easy to is to screw the vote that way. I don’t even think it’s necessarily

I think even if these votes are fake, people may be thinking they are doing the good thing - by helping Hanako gain recognition or something.

That being said, I also don’t feel like winning that way, so I also changed my vote. Even if Hanako is a short manga and actually even it if won, the 2nd place would still be read.
If these new people want me to bring my vote back, I agree they should at least introduce themselves here, although I realize it might be hard for someone after people were just discussing if you are fake :stuck_out_tongue:
So, if you are not fake, that’s great! That’s means more people reading along, more activity in the book club, and all the good things. So come on and say something :hugs:


Is there any particular reason we’re assuming the new users are fake? At least one of them has liked some stuff elsewhere on the forums and voted for more than just a single book in the poll, and the other hasn’t read anything else than this thread based on their stats, but they could just be a lurker who signed up to join the club (that’s how and why I joined the forums when I first did)


Yes, I was also thinking about that thread, which seems to be the exact use-case @CDR-Strawberry had in mind…

But maybe it would be easiest to simply ping those two new members and directly ask them, instead of discussing about them and thinking about policies? Probably they didn’t know they should introduce themselves or something…
(I would do it myself but I don’t know how to figure out which users you’re talking about, so @Naphthalene if you could maybe do that?)


The ones being talked about are presumably @Iixend and @courtchar

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I was thinking about pinging myself, but couldn’t figure out if it’s would be considered more polite or more rude (to point them out by the name in the bad context), so thanks for being the one to suggest this :slight_smile:

I thought this happens when someone has erased their account, but this doesn’t seem to be the case here…? :thinking:
Edit: oh, I see it worked now, may I ask how? I still can’t do it.

It turned out the problem was just me using l instead of I :slight_smile:


I see, thank you! Well then @Iixend and @courtchar , as you can maybe see in the posts above, people are a bit concerned because you suddenly appeared and immediately voted in our book club poll. There is nothing wrong with that if you are interested in reading along with the club, of course! But maybe you can write a sentence or two here and, you know, say hi or something :slight_smile:

(Thanks @Ditto20 - I had made the same mistake :woman_facepalming: )


Hi guys, sorry for causing all this commotion. I found out recently about these book clubs and decided to sign up and read Nichijou since I already have the book. Sorry for not posting anything!


I sorry, i was think it ok to choose. I’m new so i don’t know how to use site yet. When i open the page for first time i find link to this on bottom so i started looking. Maybe i didn’t understand right what i was doing. But i want to read with everyone. In highschool i study some Japanese and i have one book already on kobo it is death note for practice.
I am sorry.


There’s no need to apologize (well, at least in my opinion). There’s no actual formal need to post and I did the same thing when I joined the forums, not even posting until I had a question halfway through the club :slight_smile: (to be honest I would probably just have panicked and gone back to being a lurker forever if it happened to me :laughing: )

People just happened to be a bit suspicious because of the coincidence of several people joining at once, which is in no way your fault, so… well, welcome to club, nice to have you :slight_smile:


Yes, definitely no need to apologize :blush:
Like I promised, my vote is already back at its original place.


and then leaving immediately after.

Basically, it has been the case in the past of some book clubs (especially early days Intermediate book club) that people would vote and then disappear from the forum before the book start.
I think it would generally not be an issue, but in this case, the combined votes of @courtchar and @Iixend (welcome, by the way!) did have a big impact on the ordering. Having people interact with the community (as they did!) is reassuring that they will probably stick around for the next few weeks.

Edit: put back my vote as well.


I made it more for people planning to invite friends to an already decided upon club. In our particular case, we wanted to have a club for Saezuru and there was already a fan discord I was in for it. We all hate having to wait for official translations, so I figured people might be interested in joining the club we had planned for it. A good handful of people joined us and it occurred to me that it’s a bit much to ask them to check the forum often. Then I figured if I was making instructions I might as well share so other people with the same intentions don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Oh, I see! I thought maybe you also wanted to invite people to the voting (which would be fine ofc from my point of view). In that case, it was just a funny coincidence :joy_cat:

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Ah, no. I hadn’t even considered that possibility to be honest. It probably has to do with me failing to participate in any official book clubs as they occur lol. I’ve learned not to buy digital copies of stuff I won’t read in one sitting lol.

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I was concerned to see that Drama Occurred in the day I was away, but it has apparently already been resolved :grin:

Anyway, we seem to be reaching a fairly stable result with very few new votes trickling in - plus we’ve had a reasonable number of voters - so I will likely be closing this poll some time in the next 24 hours.


We have a winner!

Our next pick will be Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, starting 10th July.

As that should take about 6-7 weeks, we will be reading the second-place pick afterwards without holding another vote: Ogawa Mimei’s Collection of Children’s Stories.

I’ll be creating the home thread for Hanako-kun shortly, but the purchase links are in the OP of this thread in the meantime :slight_smile: