Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

no, those are links for yotsuba, the first 2 chapters of that are available online.
you can, however get a sample of 魔女の宅急便 from either

on the right hit ‘send free sample to’ and it should send you a few pages (i don’t know how long it is) to a device


and press 無料立ち読み to open up in the browser a sample of the book

EDIT: I just noticed the paperback copy is #1 on amazon fukuinkan bunko lol
i wonder if we did that :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, thanks!

Looks like the eBookJapan option should tide me over 'till my copy arrives (which should be in a day,
far earlier than I thought. Yay!)

On a side note: why are we keeping the yotsuba links on the page, if we’ve moved on to another book?

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I updated most of the stuff, but since I couldn’t find Kiki links for the support resources (no memrise course, or samples online) I just left it (and then forgot about it). If I get time later on, I’ll move that stuff over to the discussion thread for よつばと!.

So basically it was just laziness on my part :upside_down_face:

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My book came in today! It is the red cover paperback edition.

I’ve begun reading chapter 1.

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Hello, may I join the book club too please? よろしくお願いします。
I borrowed the book from my local Japanese cultural centre today. :slight_smile:

Come on and jump it! We are finishing Chapter 1. Can you modify posts? Or do you need to be added to the list? Anyways, here are the threads:
Kiki Home Thread
Chapter 1 Discussion Thread
The reading schedule is in the OP btw. Have fun!

Yes. No problem.

Me too. Please add me.

Surely there is no may about it?! We had a very close run debate between whether to read Kiki or よつばと!vol 2, each were at about 48% each! It was decided that the group would read Kiki and then よつばと!vol.2.

And, given that Kiki is taking 6 months, it is surely only fair that when we return to よつばと!, we should do vols 2 and 3.

There was a vote only on which to read first that got 44 votes in total, I would hardly call that decisive, considering we have 144 members. It’s only natural that situations change over half a year, so of course there should be another poll when Kiki is about to be finished.

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I’ve tried to read the first chapter of Kiki for the past two weekends, and I think it’s just too far above my level right now to be a good combination of both challenging but still enjoyable. Personally, I’m planning on continuing to read the よつばと! series for the next few months while I work on grammar and then perhaps trying Kiki again (or joining in on the book club’s next pick in June). Until then, it would be fun to read よつばと! and perhaps other easier manga with anyone else who is a similar boat. Plus, I’m honestly just more interested in manga, and I wonder if there are any other people who would be as well. So I’d like to have a poll:

Would you participate in a Beginner Manga Club?

  • Yes
  • No

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If there are at least 5 people, I’ll create it. I don’t think this has to limit the book club’s future selections, since it seems like the audiences might be slightly different. As in - if the book club still decides to read よつばと! 2 or another manga in June, that seems totally fine. Either way, I’m going to go ahead and start よつばと! 2 sooner rather than later, so I thought I’d see if anyone else was interested (paging @marcusp in particular :smiley:)

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I won’t participate per se since I already read it (except the last chapter) on my own. But I’ll pop in to answer questions when I can.

With that said, I’m much more interested in trying to read ご注文はうさぎですか (Gochiusa). I already have the first two volumes but haven’t done more than skim a few pages. Maybe someone will want to read that after you finish Yotsuba volume 2.

I miss you guys :heart:️ for the none of you who noticed I disappeared on September 20, hurricane struck, left us without so much as cell phone signal for more than a week and by then life was a blur of darkness and sweat and annoyance. But life is slowly normalizing and I already own this book (though I’m still too low level for it, I’m sure).

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi, I’m alive!


I remember from the book club. As Yotsuba would say: いいやつ!

Glad you’re safe!


Well I closed the manga club poll. I had it up for a week, and it only got a few votes. LOL! Maybe another time. For now I’m going to study some grammar and try Kiki again in a few months.

My vocab isn’t there for this book. But I was curious, at what level would you expect someone to be able to read that? I feel like, for solo-learning, reading will be a really good way to learn. Just need to find when it’s the right time to read and what books.

Honestly, I think that if you make it the people will come, there are plenty who want to get into reading, and a manga club would be a goo start.


Sorry I didn’t respond earlier - I’ve only just seen this!
Yes, I would 100% be interested in a beginners manga club!
I feel really upset that when we were choosing the next book no one suggested that while Yotsubato gets a month, Kiki would get six months and that then there was no guarantee to return to Yotsubato.

Can I request to be a member of this awesome book club for beginners? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind I just went ahead and added myself already

I am in for a beginners manga club. I have tried some Yotsubato books. I know they are supposed to be easy, but one of the Chapters is called Global warming! Not exactly beginner kanji. Ha! Anyways, I am up for the challenge and learning.

Thanks, glad you all want to do this.

Happy new year to all!

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