Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: 夜カフェ

Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

Edit: @MissMisc can you put me down for Kiki’s Delivery service? I’m going to order it tonight!


Hi folks! Relatively new to WK and definitely still very much a beginner in all ways, but I picked up the book on a lark and will hopefully be reading along with y’all.


Hello, I just got the book and would like to join the club.

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Yay! My book arrived today! Looking forward to it.



I am interested in joining this book club. May I be added to the member list?

Yes Sir! Do you have the book?
Here is the link to the homethread btw.
Home Thread

Thank you a bushel.

No, I don’t have the book yet. For some reason Amazon JP won’t let me add it to my cart…maybe I need to make an Amazon JP account first. I’ll examine my options (including ebookjapan) first chance I get.

Ok, i’ll add you with book on the way then. I used Amazon JP, you should toggle the language to english to help you out. But, you have to make an account separate from your regular North America Amazon account.

Ok, you are added to list of members. Welcome! Let us know when you get your book so we can update your status.

Thanks again!

I have ordered the book from Amazon JP; should arrive ~a week or two.

Looking forward to reading with y’all!

Hello, I would like to join the book club, but I’m not sure how to add my name to the list. I have the next book and am reading along.


Hello, I would like to join the book club, too, but I can’t add my name. I have already bought the second book and I have just begun to read it.


I have a question. Are the first chapters of this 2nd book available from the publishers? I clicked the link at the topic top (the one just under the book’s picture) and it sent me to Yotsubato-related items. Am I missing something?


no, those are links for yotsuba, the first 2 chapters of that are available online.
you can, however get a sample of 魔女の宅急便 from either

on the right hit ‘send free sample to’ and it should send you a few pages (i don’t know how long it is) to a device


and press 無料立ち読み to open up in the browser a sample of the book

EDIT: I just noticed the paperback copy is #1 on amazon fukuinkan bunko lol
i wonder if we did that :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, thanks!

Looks like the eBookJapan option should tide me over 'till my copy arrives (which should be in a day,
far earlier than I thought. Yay!)

On a side note: why are we keeping the yotsuba links on the page, if we’ve moved on to another book?

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I updated most of the stuff, but since I couldn’t find Kiki links for the support resources (no memrise course, or samples online) I just left it (and then forgot about it). If I get time later on, I’ll move that stuff over to the discussion thread for よつばと!.

So basically it was just laziness on my part :upside_down_face:

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My book came in today! It is the red cover paperback edition.

I’ve begun reading chapter 1.

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Hello, may I join the book club too please? よろしくお願いします。
I borrowed the book from my local Japanese cultural centre today. :slight_smile:

Come on and jump it! We are finishing Chapter 1. Can you modify posts? Or do you need to be added to the list? Anyways, here are the threads:
Kiki Home Thread
Chapter 1 Discussion Thread
The reading schedule is in the OP btw. Have fun!

Yes. No problem.