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16 weeks is fine for a novel. The best part is that it means 16 weeks of Wanikani progression (8/9 levels at my 2 weeks per level pace) + more actual reading practice.
That’s a time span that makes progress noticable between the 1st page and the last page of the book.

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よつばと! has 208 pages so reading it over eight weeks means we’re reading an average of 26 pages a week. RMOD considers 1 novel page to be equivalent to 5 manga pages. So a rate of 10 pages of 魔女の宅急便 per week is a little less than twice our current rate.

That seems reasonable to me but I think it depends on how many people plan on reading this even though it’s a stretch for them difficulty-wise.

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Sorry for being off-topic or if someone mentioned it before, but I just found out that there is a web-panel manga version of Tsuredure Children available online for free on the creator’s website -

I’ve seen many people in this thread wanting to read it, so I though it might be a good idea to point this out. Seems like a convenient way to try it out.

The stories are relatively small and easy to read. You can use the sidebar list to make sure you’re reading them in the right order.


By the way, I took the number of pages from my digital edition, can someone with a physical copy please compare them?

Seems like the hard copies have more pages per chapter. (Or maybe just the furigana edition does? The digital version was non-furigana, right?)
Page counts for the furigana edition Kiki (red cover) - excluding pages that are only pictures.

Chapter 1 - 7 pages
Chapter 2 - 13 pages
Chapter 3 - 37 pages
Chapter 4 - 27 pages
Chapter 5 - 24 pages
Chapter 6 - 26 pages
Chapter 7 - 26 pages
Chapter 8 - 22 pages
Chapter 9 - 20 pages
Chapter 10 - 18 pages
Chapter 11 - 25 pages


Thanks. I think these counts are better. It is better to compare the easy version of the book with an easy manga. So then the schedule would be:

Chapter 1 - 7 pages - 1 week
Chapter 2 - 13 pages - 1 week
Chapter 3 - 37 pages - 4 weeks
Chapter 4 - 27 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 5 - 24 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 6 - 26 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 7 - 26 pages - 3 weeks
Chapter 8 - 22 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 9 - 20 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 10 - 18 pages - 2 weeks
Chapter 11 - 25 pages - 3 weeks

Total: 26 weeks

Yes this is a long time. But reading an easy novel is really very much harder than reading an easy manga. If people want to go faster I think the idea of splitting groups should be revisited (honestly that makes sense to me but as someone almost intermediate level who enjoys reading manga, it’s not something that I personally care about so I’m not going to tell other people they should).

ETA: and if we’re alternating books and manga, I think it would make sense to do two or three manga in between each book.


Can we go ahead and ‘close’ the poll now? I think people have had enough time to vote, and we’ve basically all determined that it’s going to be Kiki next anyway. :wink:


Kiki has been in the lead with 6x% vs 3x% since the start (last number has changed a tiny bit, but always stayed at 60 and 30) So I think we can call it. I think many have already bought the book and will hopefully be ready when it starts.

Those who want to join and haven’t bought it yet should go ahead and do so =)

And I agree on the slow pace =)

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I just want to point out that the ebook(no furigana) have left out a lot of kanji words that are above a certain level (i don’t know how old the target audience is)
things like ふつう・だす appear without kanji

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Do we have a schedule for this book yet? I’ve seen people suggesting schedules, but when are we actually starting the book? Will it be right after よつばと! or are we leaving a gap?

Good question - I don’t think we’ve decided that yet. Since Yotsuba ends this weekend, I think we’ll probably need at least a little bit of a gap (say a week) to get the schedule organized and make sure that people have had time to get the book. It might also be helpful to know how many people already have the book. If everyone has it already, there’s less of a need for a gap, but it doesn’t make sense to start if a lot of people are still waiting on their books.

  • I have the book and I’m ready to go!
  • I’ve ordered the book and it should arrive within the next week
  • I’ve ordered the book and it should arrive within the next 2-3 weeks
  • I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m planning to buy the e-book
  • I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m planning to order a hard copy

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The plan was to wait one week after Yotsuba, but since we waited too long before starting the poll and only now decided it would be fair to wait a little longer just so everyone get their book before we start. I know many understood it might win and already bought it when it first had the lead on the first poll, but we should still wait for those who ordered it now that we announced it as winner.

Lets see what this poll say! *I love polls, good way to actually get everyone’s answers collected in a nice way *


As for next time, we should start voting on what to do after Yotsuba 2 as soon as we finish Kiki, start the voting during the 1 week pause and have a decision basically before we start reading.

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I 立ち読み’d the e-book, actually. Also, there may be people who have already bought the e-book – not in the choice.

I have the book could be both I guess =)
You already have it and are ready to go, book or eBook doesn’t mater.


Yes, I meant for “I have the book” to include either the hard copy or the e-book version - as long as you have some version of it. :slight_smile:

The only reason I listed e-book separately for “I don’t have it yet” is because e-book delivery is basically instantaneous, so those people won’t need extra wait time even if they haven’t bought it yet.

It seems there are 2 people who won’t get it until 2-3 weeks, and 2 who haven’t ordered (so depending on shipping speed might also come in the same boat)
I suggest those two order it as soon as possible if they intend to join from the start, and we wait 3 weeks (maybe start the Sunday/Monday in almost three weeks from now. (December 10/11)
A week earlier if people insist. And from now on start the vote much much sooner so everyone can be ready before the previous ends, to give less of a gap.

As for Christmas, in the Intermediate group we are checking if we should have a brake for Christmas week due to absence.
I’m setting a poll to see how people will be over Christmas (This poll is for an overview of peoples schedule, not the decision)

Will you be able to read during the Christmas Holidays?

  • I will have more time than usual even! =D
  • Just the same as usual =)
  • Will have less time, but should be able to keep up…
  • I will be able to read, but not be active in the forum
  • I will not have time

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Could you add me to the list of members for reading this book, please? I just voted in the poll that I wouldn’t get this book for 2-3 weeks, but about 2 minutes after I clicked to vote, the postman just delivered my copy, so in fact I’m ready to go!

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My order on (from a third party seller in Japan) has shipped and says it will arrive between December 4th and December 22nd. There’s no tracking information so I just have to hope it gets here on the earlier side.

Where did some of you order from that you got it so quickly? Or have you already had it for a while?

That’s quite a range you got there xD

Last time i ordered from Amazon Jp it took less than a week to arrive here(Canada). Let’s hope it will be the same for you.