Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

Well… less ‘exported’ and more ‘copied and pasted’ :sweat_smile:

But here is the community vocab sheet for whenever we do start Laid-Back Camp:

It’s populated with (I think) every single kanji-containing word apart from that one I couldn’t identify, every katakana word, and the occasional hiragana word I didn’t know at the time.

It’s formatted a bit weirdly because it came from the deck cards, there are no page numbers yet, and the word parsing was done by me of a year and a half ago, so it might not be 100% accurate.

Still, should be helpful, and you don’t actually need to know any of the kanji if they’re in a spreadsheet for you :wink:

Also, I’m reminded that the first chapter is basically “FIFTY WORDS FOR FIRE” :laughing:


Thank you so much, this is fantastic! :heart_eyes:

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I’d never seen the original anime, but I watched the new anime earlier this year and really loved it. So I’m torn between reading the manga (with meh art) to see the full story now, versus experiencing the whole story via the anime but likely having to wait 2-3 years for it to finish.


Will it really take that long? I vaguely remember reading that it seems likely it’ll be three full (2-cour) seasons, and I thought the second was already coming up this spring…? It’s not as if they have to wait for the manga material to be released :grin:

Also, regarding the art - I actually think part of the reason I want to give reading it a go is because I kind of want to experience the quintessential shoujo MASSIVE EYES style, just once :laughing:

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Based on the content covered in season one, four seasons seems more likely to me. Also they took a 6 month break between season one and (the scheduled) season two. So I think best case scenario is likely season one in 2019, season two in 2020, season three in 2021, and season four in 2022. That’s just my speculation though.

But it’s just so gross. :laughing: I seriously hate that style more than probably any other in anime/manga. Right now I’m reading Comic Girls (with typical moe style), and one of the characters makes shoujo manga so that style sometimes shows up mockingly. It’s pretty funny seeing the contrast between how the ecchi mangaka and shoujo mangaka draw the same idea so differently. :joy:


Haha, the current anime is an upgrade from the original. But I also loved the manga (in English) when I was as a student, too.

And I think the simple way the mangaka draws the animals is way cute. :smiley:


Fair enough. I double-checked, and my vague memory was based on those retracted statements made last June by a voice actor on cast, so hardly the most reliable source!

Yeah, but… it’s a cultural experience!


Yeah, back when Fruits Basket came out, and that style was more common, I could put up with it, but… now it just looks dated.


I liked furuba well enough when I was a teen, but not enough to read it again now unless it became free to read I’m afraid. Less because I don’t like the art style, more because Toru’s personality gets on my nerves. :upside_down_face: (this isn’t really a spoilery spoiler. ) I’ll be joining for ゆるキャン though!


Oh, speaking of which: Currently BookWalker has a huge cashback program of 50% (excluding taxes) for a great number of books and manga, so one volume of Furuba costs 495 Yen and you get back 225 Yen in „coins“. It lasts until 19th, 10 am Japanese time.


Completely different topic, but I just noticed that ARIA and girls last tour are still indicated as continuing in their own book clubs, but both are both completed. Should we have a separate marker for that?


We will be reading Laid-Back Camp starting on the 25th of April!

:camping: :coffee: :ramen:

This will be followed by Fruits Basket on 20th of June.

Thank you all for such a decisive polling result, finally :stuck_out_tongue:

Also this pleases me because it’s like we picked a short manga and then did the second-place option too which is how it’s supposed to work jeez.


Totally agree. I meant to keep an eye on that but then totally forgot when Aria actually finished (I was probably too traumatised). Plus Girls’ Last Tour didn’t really have an official ‘end’ because they posted the threads for volumes 3 onwards in one go for people to read at their own pace - regardless, the scheduled aspect of the club of course certainly finished.


*** currently continuing as an offshoot club
+ entire series completed as an offshoot club


It will get a bit complicated if we have clubs where an offshoot completes X volumes but no more.


Yes, sounds good to me. I was wondering, though, why are we using three stars instead of just one? I don’t see any other use of footnotes in the post :thinking:

If a club does not go on until the end (kinda looking at yotsuba, although one could argue it’s “temporarily on hold”), we may add another mark saying “not currently reading” or something of that effect.

Also, タクマシー


Dunno, it was like that when I got here :stuck_out_tongue: I think probably to make it stand out more in the list though (it is quite easy to see which ones have offshoots like this). I was debating whether to go for three crosses, so that all offshoots are easy to see but it’s harder to distinguish between complete and ongoing…


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Heh. That’s Anzac Day here.

Heh. That’s my birthday…

Also, finally the long curse of Laid-Back Camp is over!


Yotsuba is currently active.
Just two more volumes once we finish this one, so will probably finish it (not counting the possibility of new volumes dropping about every 3 years XD )

But I guess we could have a separate icon for inactive, which can also be used if a series decided to take a planed month off (like December)
Or until interest peeks. But yeah, an of-shoot that is not finished, yet not active could have it’s own marker…
Or should we just sort them by activity level?


Oh, I didn’t know yotsuba was finally back. I guess I’m not on the forum enough… that’s why I lost my regular badge not bitter maybe a little bit whyyyy

That sounds like a maintenance nightmare :anguished:


I’ve lost mine too! :sob:


Fruits Basket appears to be on sale on at the moment :slight_smile: