Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

We might end up doing both top picks though? So at least you voted for the second and third place, so one of them should be chosen at least =)
Even if Fruits Basket Collectors is a bit larger, we could always do one normal manga (people can decide to buy the single or collector) and continue outside the club like many mangas do =)

Yeah, but up until that moment, I had a vote for first and second places. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, yeah, I see your point :rofl:
My fav doesn’t even stand a chance =P
But with so few books on there, it MIGHT be picked one of these times :rofl:
I’ve owned them (Scary Stories) for 3 years already =P

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Well, it’s been a three-way race between Fruits Basket, Laid-Back Camp and Art Club from pretty near the beginning. It has certainly jumped quite a bit into the lead now, but it has been tied for second with Laid-Back Camp for a considerable time.

I would definitely prefer it to come second though, so that we can pick two things.

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We can always pick two things. :stuck_out_tongue:


I suspect everybody is a bit traumatized right now from reading Kiri - so I did not expect a book to win this time. But maybe next time… :wink:


Ah, I wasn’t able to join on that one. It was harder than people expected?

I’d definitely join you in that one as I have already bought the manga but did not yet get around to reading it…

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I randomly got this in my email this morning: :rofl:

Pfft! I already have the anime thank yo…u…
…wait, that looks… different…

How did I MISS this?!!


Yes, many were struggling with that one. On the one hand because there was a fair bit of dialect in the first chapter, which was not horribly horrible, but if it’s already hard to read a book as such, then finding un-lookup-able words galore is a real killer… Also, it’s a children’s book, i.e. few kanji and lots of hiragana, which adds to the pain. And then of course, a book contains much more text and much less visual information than a manga, which is also something that one needs to adapt to. Altogether, seems like we lost quite a few participants.


The books are always harder than people expect. :joy:

@Belthazar You interested in buying my vote? :stuck_out_tongue:


Always. :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks like people are just shuffling their vote to get the order they like best. :stuck_out_tongue:


The one I really wanted was Scary Lessons and that one is clearly not gonna win xD But I can pull my Fruits Basket vote. I just happened to see those and thought I’d join in if they won, but no hard feelings. :slight_smile: I’m still working through all of Detective Conan’s manga, so I’m set XD


Not shuffling, just adding ^^

About now would be a good time to close the poll I think. It’s in the pms in the UK, too! :slight_smile: @Radish8

I might be joking. Not really though.

We shouldn’t close it until Skip Beat is #1; we’ve got months to go!


The results are in!

…They are inconclusive :stuck_out_tongue: it’s been manic at work contingency planning for event cancellation, but I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the results and they seem to have been stable thus for a while now.

So we will be reading both Fruits Basket and Laid-Back Camp.

Please vote on which you would like to read first. I will leave this poll open until Saturday morning (UK time).

You might want to consider the relative difficulties of the two picks, given that we’ll just have finished quite a hard book for the club, and also their respective lengths. Laid-Back Camp should take 7 weeks, while I think Fruits Basket will be around 12 weeks.

  • Read Laid-Back Camp first
  • Read Fruits Basket first

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I voted for Yuru Camp just because it’s shorter. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also want to be clear that I will be very unimpressed with you all if this is sitting at a tie when I wake up on Satuday :stuck_out_tongue: