Beginner Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: シャドーハウス

Nice, that brings us to 13 already. :grin:

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I am secretly a big sports anime fan and haikyuu!! is one of my faves so eeeeeee


I’d like to be added

Added to beginner book club in general? Or are you referring to my post about 時をかける少女?

beginner book club

Well then you’re added. :slight_smile:

The next book is starting this weekend (see the first post for a link).
Also, voting for the book after that will open on Friday. Feel free to go through the samples (also linked to in the first post) and vote on their difficulty if you want.

Next book is natsume yuujinchou. Looking forward to it. Heard the anime is pretty good

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Commenting to join and track :slight_smile: I’ll be in on Natsume :slight_smile:
Also interested in The girl who leapt through time and Chi’s sweet home (not sure how to vote?)
Looking forward to struggling with y’all :slight_smile:


:+1: :+1: :+1: :blush:

The vote for the next pick (what we read after Natsume) will be opening at the end of this week. Both of these are options so you’ll be able to vote for them then. @seanblue is just also gauging interest in a group to read The Girl Who Leapt Through Time as a separate thing from the book club (if it doesn’t win).


Just re-read that first sentence, and that can be open to many interpretations… LOL


I just bought the ebook. I don’t know what’s going on but I am excited!

What first sentence? :thinking:

“I’ll be on Natsume”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I actually read myself wrong lol… I did write I’ll be IN on Natsume, which is way less lecherous (and fun)…


Those are very much opposites in terms of difficulty, which I find interesting. Are you looking for something easy or challenging? Or are you mostly voting based on the content? Have you tried reading the samples yet?

At the risk of sounding incredibly arrogant, I never look at level when learning anything… I’m always motivated by the content, and get whatever I can out of it. Right now my level is definitely more on par with Chi (which I own, part of the reason I’m interested in reading it), but I liked The girl who leapt through time and like the idea of picking up grammar and vocab through this content. Will I understand what I’m reading? Most likely not. But as mentioned in another thread, I learned English by reading stuff I understood one word out of 5 in… It’s part study, part immersion. As long as I like the content/song/story, I’m down for it. :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to study at my level and lurk in a thread about a too difficult book and pick up anything I can without bothering people with basic questions :sweat_smile:


I actually learnt english in a very similar way. Avid ready but too impatient to wait for to be tea slated so I read everything in English.

And I think it’s still valid for you to post questions even if you think they’re too basic, gives advanced readers a good review and readers closer to your own level or even a bit above a challenge.


I agree. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions on more basic grammar. I like answering questions because I have to understand something 10 times better to be able to explain it. And you never know who else has the same question.


I wonder what people will vote for this time around. I legitimately have no idea.

Poll is opening tonight so I guess I’ll find out soon. :slight_smile:


! I’m excited! Mostly because I also feel like I have no idea which way it’s going to go ^^

I’ve legitimately been looking forward to this all week, haha… maybe I need to stop spending so much time on reading O.o

I second your comment about never knowing who else might have the same question too - a few times I’ve hesitated to ask something (or worked it out myself while writing), only for somebody else to ask it later. There are probably some questions I never asked which would have helped a silent lurker :eyes:


This time, for the first time, I’m going to participate in the vote. I’m going to vote for 時をかける少女 because there seems to be some momentum for this book and while challenging, it will be the practise that will benefit me the most. I’m hoping it will use proper language, fairly common words and moderately long sentences (as opposed to manga, where in my limited experience, it’s often fairly short sentences with a lot of colloquialisms, contractions, dialects and slang). My biggest concern is the pace. Both for my self and for the group. It would be really cool if the intermediate book club crowd could be persuaded to join. It’s more fun if we’re all 頑張ってing as a large group. But then the pace would have to be fast enough for the intermediates to not get bored, yet slow enough for the beginners to not drop out. Whatever may be, I’ve already purchased the book, so I’m prepared to give it a shot.

I’m also going to vote for 少女終末旅行. Love the anime. Looks easy, and thus less educational, but also a pleasure to read.